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COMING. INTO FORCE -----------------------------
COMING. INTO FORCE The agreement enters into force on the day it is signed.
COMING. Secondary Bible teachers do not need to hold to a pre-tribulation rapture or a literal, earthly millennial kingdom, although they need to give strong and respectful deference to AGC’s position. Secondary Bible teachers should speak to the senior pastor of AGC regarding their eschatology if it differs from the doctrinal statement.
COMING. The personal, visible, and imminent return of Christ to remove His church from the earth (1 Thess. 4:16 17) before the tribulation (1 Thess. 1:10; Rev. 3:10), and afterward to descend with the Church to establish His millennial kingdom upon the earth (Rev. 19:11 20:6). FUTURE LIFE. The conscious existence of the dead (Phil. 1:21 23; Luke 16:19 31), the resurrection of the body (John 5:28 29), the judgment and reward of believers (Rom. 14:10 12; 2 Cor. 5:10), the judgment and condemnation of unbelievers (Rev. 20:11 15), the eternal life of the saved (John 3:16), and the eternal punishment of the lost (Matt. 25:46; Rev. 20:15).
COMING. SOON! IslandTides second generation website is in preparation. Monthly readership has reached 3,00o people, so we are developing more features and will include beautiful westcoast pictures and bonus articles and letters. We will also have a full year’s editions of Island Tides on-line for your research.— 24/7 Request for proposals 3alt 3pr¡ng Island Recycl¡ng 3erv¡ces On behalf of the Salt Spring Icland Solid Wacte Advicory committee, the Capital Regional Dictrict (CRD) invitec interected concultantc to cubmit propocalc to conduct an analycic, including a comparicon of the coctc of the SSI recycling depot to other optionc delivering an equivalent level of cervice. For more detailed information about the criteria outlined in the Requect for Propocalc, pleace vicit the CRD Web cite at wwwc crdcbccca/tenders or contact Tom Watkinc at $6o-$1q7. Two copiec of propocalc chould be cubmitted in cealed envelopec to the CRD Environmental Servicec department by Monday, December ı3, 2oo¢ at ¢:3o pcmc at the following addrecc: Tom Watkinc, Senior Solid Wacte Programc Planner Environmental Servicec Capital Regional Dictrict 62µ Ficgard Street P.O. Box 1ooo Victoria BC V8W 2S6 Telephone: (2µo) $6o-$1q7 Fax: (2µo) $6o-$o7q email: The contract will be awarded on or before Fr¡day, December ı7, 2oo¢. SATURNA, please turn to page 7 Live Your Dream THE LINWOOD ADVANTAGE CUSTOM DESIGN HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS FULL WARRANTY PROGRAM WORLDWIDE SHIPPING EXPERTISE CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT 1.888.546.9663 NEW PLAN BOOK NOW AVAILABLE – Over 100 full colour designsEnvironmental Update Rainy Day£ N ovember mark£ the £tart of our rainy £ea£on. flaingater flog£ acro££ rooftop£, lagn£, drivegay£, £idegalk£, £treet£, and parking lot£. It cro££e£ playing field£, golf cour£e£, agricultural land and con£truction £ite£. Along the gay the gater can pick up litter and pet ga£te£, £ediment£ and dirt, fertilizer£ and pe£ticide£, automotive fluid£ and paint re£idue£, among other thing£. It i£ no longer ju£t plain raingater; it’£ £tormgater. In urban area£, £tormgater flog£ into £torm drain£ and then travel£ through underground pipe£ to the neare£t £tream. In rural area£, it £eep£ directly into the £oil and become£ part of ground gater. Mo£t £tormgater goe£ untreated. Contaminated £tormgater i£ one of the large£t £ource£ of pollution of our fre£h and £altgater £y£tem£. Bacteria and pathogen£ from failing £eptic £y£tem£, poor agricul...

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  • Possession Tenant has examined the condition of the Premises and by taking possession acknowledges that they have accepted the Premises in good order and in its current condition except as herein otherwise stated. Failure of the Landlord to deliver possession of the Premises at the start of the Lease Term to the Tenant shall terminate this Agreement at the option of the Tenant. Furthermore, under such failure to deliver possession by the Landlord, and if the Tenant cancels this Agreement, the Security Deposit (if any) shall be returned to the Tenant along with any other pre-paid rent, fees, including if the Tenant paid a fee during the application process before the execution of this Agreement.

  • Working Hours For the purposes of this Agreement “

  • Patient Records Upon termination of this Agreement, the New PC shall retain all patient dental records maintained by the New PC or the MSO in the name of the New PC. During the term of this Agreement, and thereafter, the New PC or its designee shall have reasonable access during normal business hours to the New PC's and the MSO's records, including, but not limited to, records of collections, expenses and disbursements as kept by the MSO in performing the MSO's obligations under this Agreement, and the New PC may copy any or all such records.

  • Operating Hours Subject to Building Rules and Regulations and such security standards as Landlord may from time to time adopt, the Building shall be open to the public during the Building Operating Hours and the Premises shall be open to Tenant during hours other than Building Operating Hours.

  • Student Records Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary within this Agreement, any party contracting with SBBC under this Agreement shall fully comply with the requirements of Sections 1002.22 and 1002.221, Florida Statutes; FERPA, and any other state or federal law or regulation regarding the confidentiality of student information and records. Each such party agrees, for itself, its officers, employees, agents, representatives, contractors or subcontractors, to fully indemnify and hold harmless SBBC and its officers and employees for any violation of this section, including, without limitation, defending SBBC and its officers and employees against any complaint, administrative or judicial proceeding, payment of any penalty imposed upon SBBC, or payment of any and all costs, damages, judgments or losses incurred by or imposed upon SBBC arising out of a breach of this covenant by the party, or an officer, employee, agent, representative, contractor, or sub-contractor of the party to the extent that the party or an officer, employee, agent, representative, contractor, or sub-contractor of the party shall either intentionally or negligently violate the provisions of this section or of Sections 1002.22 and/or 1002.221, Florida Statutes.

  • Maintaining Records Maintain all financial records in accordance with GAAP (or in form permitting financial statements conforming with GAAP to be derived therefrom) and, upon reasonable notice, permit the Administrative Agent and each Lender to visit and inspect the financial records of the Borrower at reasonable times and to make extracts from and copies of such financial records, and permit any representatives designated by the Administrative Agent or any Lender to discuss the affairs, finances and condition of the Borrower with the appropriate officers thereof and, with the Borrower’s consent (which shall not be unreasonably withheld), the independent accountants therefor (and the Borrower shall be afforded the opportunity to participate in such discussion with such independent accountants); provided that, excluding any such visits and inspections during the continuation of an Event of Default, only the Administrative Agent on behalf of the Lenders may exercise rights of the Administrative Agent and the Lenders under this Section 5.04 and the Administrative Agent shall not exercise such rights more than once during any calendar year; provided, further, that, when an Event of Default exists, the Administrative Agent or any Lender (or any of their respective representatives or independent contractors) may do any of the foregoing, upon reasonable notice and as often as reasonably requested, at any time during normal business hours. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 5.04, neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries will be required to disclose, permit the inspection, examination or making of extracts, or discussion of, any documents, information or other matters that (i) constitute non-financial trade secrets or non-financial proprietary information, (ii) in respect of which disclosure to the Administrative Agent or applicable Lenders (or any of their respective designated representatives or independent contractors) is then prohibited by law, rule or regulation or any agreement binding on the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries or (iii) is subject to attorney-client or similar privilege or constitutes attorney work-product.

  • Client Records 26.2.1 CONTRACTOR shall prepare and maintain accurate and complete records of clients served and dates and type of services provided under the terms of this Agreement in a form acceptable to ADMINISTRATOR.

  • Training Records LFAC shall maintain written documentation (e.g., written or electronic certificates of completion from the training provider) that all Covered Persons required to receive training have in fact completed such training. The documentation shall specify the type of training received, the individual who completed the training, and the date received.

  • Premises A. The Company has received valuable services from Optionee in the past and desires to compensate Optionee for these services by issuing Optionee an option (the "Option") to purchase a total of One Hundred Million (100,000,000), shares of the Company's common stock with an option price of 85% of market price per share on the date of exercise under the existing benefit plan at time of grant, which shares have been issued pursuant to a Form S-8 under the Securities Act of 1933 as amended ("Form S-8").

  • Project Records All documents relating in any manner whatsoever to the Project, or any designated portion thereof, which are in the possession of the Contractor, or any subcontractor of the Contractor, shall be made available to the Owner or the Architect for inspection and copying upon written request by the Owner. Furthermore, said documents shall be made available, upon request by the Owner, to any state, federal or other regulatory authority and any such authority may review, inspect and copy such records. Said records include, but are not limited to, all drawings, plans, specifications, submittals, correspondence, minutes, memoranda, tape recordings, videos, photographs, estimates, invoices, bills, receipts, cancelled checks, vouchers or other writings or things which document or involve in any manner the Project, its design, its cost, and its construction. Said records expressly include those documents reflecting the cost of construction to the Contractor and its Subcontractors. The Contractor shall maintain and protect these documents for no less than six (6) years after Final Completion of the Project, or for any longer period of time as may be required by law or good construction practice.