Clinic Sample Clauses

Clinic. The term “Clinic” shall mean any of the facilities, including satellite facilities, that Service Company owns, leases or otherwise procures and provides for the use of Provider for the provision of Dental Care.
Clinic. A facility that is established primarily to furnish outpatient physi- cian services and that meets the fol- lowing tests of physician involvement:
Clinic. An establishment duly constituted and licensed in the geographical area in which it is located as a center for medical treatment of sick and injured persons, and which:
Clinic. NCH shall operate and manage the Clinic at 00000 XX 000xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx.
Clinic. In this Agreement, the terms “Clinic,” “Us,” and “We” mean the Primary Care Practice, a department of Cedar Valley Medical Specialists, P.C., that delivers primary care services through the Primary Care Providers at 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx X, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000.
Clinic. SEA MAR shall operate and manage the Clinic at 00000 XX 000xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx.
Clinic. City hereby grants to Contractor a revocable license to use and occupy the Clinic to provide the Services. In no event will Contractor use any portion of the Clinic to conduct any activity other than the Services. City shall be responsible for maintaining the structural and system components of the Clinic, including the roof, plumbing, electrical, and heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system. Contractor shall keep all other portions of the Clinic in good condition and repair. City shall provide janitorial services and utilities with the exception of telephone / computer lines to the Clinic. To the extent the costs for such repair, janitorial services, and utilities, are set forth in the Airport-approved Annual Cost Proposal or otherwise approved by City, City shall bear the cost thereof. City may, at its option, expand, contract, or relocate the Clinic at any time. In the event City desires to relocate the Clinic, it shall provide reasonable advance notice of such relocation to Clinic. With regard to any such relocation, Contractor shall provide to City a projected statement of direct expenses necessary for such relocation. All direct expenses associated with the relocation, up to such not-to-exceed amount, shall be borne by City and paid to Contractor as provided in Section 7, hereof. Such relocation expenses shall not be included as compensation for purposes of Section 5, Compensation, in the analysis regarding contractor’s fiscal performance, compensation and the management fee, as described in Appendix B, Calculation of Charges. City acknowledges that relocation of the Clinic may require that Contractor notify state licensing authorities and may have to suspend operations at the Clinic until any licensing compliance is completed. City shall hold Contractor harmless for any interruption in Clinic services resulting therefrom, provided that Contractor is diligently proceeding with such licensing compliance.
Clinic. We have a clinic on site and contribute over US$ 110,000 a year to treat all primary medical needs as well as ambulance for emergency that transport serious cases.
Clinic. Integrate Diabetes Management and Care Practices