Clinic Sample Clauses

Clinic refers to a place operated by a Doctor for the treatment of Illness or Injury and licensed by the competent Authorities of the country in which treatment is provided. Covered Dental Services means dental treatment that is covered under this Policy as shown in the Schedule. Commencement Date means original inception date of cover under this Policy as shown in the Schedule. Company / We / Us / Our / the Company means MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Contracted Providers refers to the group of contracted Dentists and Dental Clinics, Clinics and Hospitals that have agreed to provide Covered Dental Services and adhere to Our quality management programs. It also refers to the Dental Services and special pricing that may be available to You when accessing care by a Contracted Dentist for non-covered treatments. Contracted Dentist means a Dentist, Dental Clinic, Clinic or Hospital that is actively participating in a network defined by Us to provide covered treatments and services to You according to Your Policy Schedule. Dentist means a properly qualified dentist, dental surgeon or dental practitioner (other than an Insured Person or a member of the Insured Person’s immediate family) licensed by the competent Authorities of the country in which treatment is provided, and who in rendering such treatment is practicing within the scope of his/her licensing and training. Dental Clinic means a modern medical or dental outpatient facility licensed under law, which provides dental care by Dentists. Dental Diseases means any Illness, Injury, or irregularities of Teeth, tooth organs, intraoral organs, jaws, and maxillofacial bones, including the symptoms caused thereby. Dental Emergency
Clinic copayment is required for charges related to non-physician (facility) and physician services received in the clinic setting. This includes charges for primary and preventive medical care. It does not include charges for outpatient services provided in a hospital (i.e., emergency room care, outpatient surgery, radiology). If labs or x-rays are performed in the clinic, the additional lab or radiology copayment may be added.• For example, if a CICP client was seen in the emergency department and had lab work done, the client would owe the emergency room copayment plus the physician copayment. If the same CICP client was seen in the Provider’s primary care clinic and not the emergency room and had lab work done, the client would owe the outpatient clinic copayment plus the laboratory services copayment.
Clinic or "medical center" means a place used for the diagnosis and treatment of sick, ailing or infirm and injured persons and those who are in need of medical or surgical attention, but limited to outpatient only and not including the sale of drugs or medical supplies.
Clinic. A facility that is established primarily to furnish outpatient physi- cian services and that meets the fol- lowing tests of physician involvement:
Clinic. 01 Clinic B Regular 1 AUTO-LINK TO PCC .01 Auto-Link to PCC B Regular
Clinic. The term "Clinic" shall mean the professional medical services rendered by Practice, utilizing the management services of Manager, regardless of the location where such services are rendered.
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