Chargeback Sample Clauses

Chargeback. The MSI is responsible for developing, managing, and maintaining the Chargeback System as well as developing and coordinating the associated processes for all other DCS Service Providers. The Service Component Providers are responsible for data collection, data integrity, and providing data feeds to the MSI for Chargeback information. The MSI will manage the Chargeback unit rate development process in coordination with DIR. DIR will provide the methodology but the MSI will develop the calculations and maintain the process, which will include the allocation of some or all of a DCS Service Provider’s Charges into another Service Component Provider’s Resource Unit for Chargeback purposes. The MSI will be the financial intermediary between the Service Component Providers and DIR. In this role, the MSI will provide all of the Services in Exhibit2.1 Section A.2.5, to include provision and management of the Chargeback and Utilization Tracking System, Chargeback and utilization reporting, Chargeback invoice consolidation, and management of the invoice dispute process. A component of the Chargeback invoice consolidation responsibility is the reconciliation of the cumulative total of all Service Providers’ Monthly Invoices with the cumulative total of the DIR Customers’ Chargeback invoices. The MSI will provide DIR with the supporting detail necessary to facilitate DIR’s payment of the Monthly Invoice to each Service Provider. For all Charges that are billable on a Resource Unit basis, HSC/SSC, Transition and Transformation Charges, Pass-through Expenses, New Services, and all other services for which Service Component Provider is authorized to charge separately by DIR, Service Component Provider will provide data to the MSI to support the Charges by DIR Customer and DIR Customer account identifier that conforms with the requirements of Section 12.1 of the Agreement. DIR will provide the MSI with the blended unit rate chargeback methodology and the MSI will make available to DIR and DIR Customers through the Portal the monthly chargeback volumes, rates, and extended charge per Resource Unit per DIR Customer and DIR Customer account identifiers. Except for the ASU allowance and the HSC/SSC, it is anticipated the DIR chargeback methodology will include the use of applying the chargeback unit rate (Base Charge plus or minus variable ARC/RRC charges divided by total volume consumed) to the DIR Customer volume plus the allocation of other charges including Transition and...
Chargeback. We and our agent have Chargeback rights, as described in the Merchant Regulations. We and our agent may Chargeback by (i) deducting, withholding, recouping from, or offsetting against our payments to you or debiting your Bank Account, or we or our agent may notify you of your obligation to pay us, which you must do promptly and fully; or (ii) reversing a Charge for which we have not paid you. Our or our agent’s failure to demand payment does not waive our Chargeback rights.
Chargeback the debit of a Bill or a “Special Purchase Bill(s)” to a Customer’s account.
Chargeback occurs when a credit or a payment for a Transaction (or disputed portion thereof) is reversed after an authorization number has been provided.
Chargeback. If, at any time, we record a decline, chargeback or other rejection of a charge of any due and payable Subscription Fees on Customer’s Account (“Chargeback”), this will be considered as a breach of Customer’s payment obligations hereunder, and Customer’s use of the Service may be disabled or terminated and such use of the Service will not resume until Customer re-subscribes for any such Service, and pay any applicable Subscription Fees in full, including any fees and expenses incurred by us and/or any Third Party Service for each Chargeback received (including handling and processing charges and fees incurred by the payment processor), without derogating from any other remedy that may be applicable to us under these Terms or applicable law.
Chargeback. Colleges sending students to receiving colleges identified in this Agreement will not pay chargebacks. Procedurally, students who wish to enroll at a Receiving College herein identified will secure from their home college a letter designating them as participants in an approved program. A copy of such letter will be sent to the Receiving College, which will thus know not to charge the out-of-district rate.
Chargeback. The Bank may debit an Account with the amount of each Instrument that the Bank has credited to the Account (or otherwise paid to the Customer) and on which the Bank may for any reason be unable to receive irrevocable settlement or payment, together with all associated costs, charges and expenses incurred by the Bank.
Chargeback. We have Chargeback rights: