Chairs Sample Clauses

Chairs. The combined instructional and administrative duties of a Chair shall not result in a workload which is significantly in excess of the total duties performed in an equivalent instructional workload.
Chairs. 22.01 Appointment to the position of Chair shall be made in writing by the Vice-President (Academic), in accordance with the selection procedures in this Article. To be eligible to serve as a Department Chair, a candidate must at the time of selection be a Member. The Chair shall normally be tenured at the rank of Associate Professor, or Professor or with continuing appointment normally at the rank of Instructor II, or Instructor III. A Member holding the position of Department Chair elected to the Board of Regents and excluded from the bargaining unit for that purpose shall be entitled to continue to carry out his/her responsibilities as Chair in accordance with this Article.
Chairs. (1) 4’X24” Table, covered and skirted - (1) Wastebasket - (1) Tracklight with (3) Halogen Lights *power only for lights ncluded. Additional power is available from GES
Chairs. Department/library chairs shall be reviewed annually by the unit dean. Faculty will participate in the evaluation of chairs at least every two years. The chair will be reviewed based on the performance of duties and responsibilities as outlined in the college/library and departmental P&P. The results of the review will be shared with the chair. Based on the evaluation of performance, a plan may be developed jointly by the dean and the chair for improvement or the chair may be removed by the dean. The department/library faculty by a two-thirds (2/3) majority recall vote may initiate a request to the dean to remove the chair at the end of any academic quarter. The dean shall conduct the vote in the department/library. The chair may resign at any time.
Chairs. The Employer will make repairs to all chairs in the ECC operations room without regard to when they are scheduled to be replaced. The manufacturer, make and/or model of the chairs, may be changed at any time if agreed to in writing by both parties to this Agreement.
Chairs. 19.1 Department chairs will be chosen from among a) bargaining unit members of the faculty or b) faculty from outside the University who, if hired, will become bargaining unit members.
Chairs. (1) Trash Bin
Chairs. Department/library faculty will select a nominee for chair through an election conducted according to procedures outlined in their respective college/library P&P. The nomination from the department/library will be forwarded to the dean, who will forward their recommendation to the Chief Academic Officer. The Chief Academic Officer will forward their recommendation to the President and the Board of Trustees for confirmation.