Certain Acknowledgments Sample Clauses

Certain Acknowledgments. The Company understands that you and your affiliates (together, the “Group”) are engaged in a wide range of financial services and businesses (including investment management, financing, securities trading, corporate and investment banking and research). Members of the Group and businesses within the Group generally act independently of each other, both for their own account and for the account of clients. Accordingly, there may be situations where parts of the Group and/or their clients either now have or may in the future have interests, or take actions, that may conflict with our interests. For example, the Group may, in the ordinary course of business, engage in trading in financial products or undertake other investment businesses for their own account or on behalf of other clients, including, but not limited to, trading in or holding long, short or derivative positions in securities, loans or other financial products of the Company or other entities connected with the Exchange Offer. In recognition of the foregoing, the Company agrees that the Group is not required to restrict its activities as a result of this engagement, and that the Group may undertake any business activity without further consultation with or notification to the Company. Neither this Agreement, the receipt by the Group of confidential information nor any other matter shall give rise to any fiduciary, equitable or contractual duties (including without limitation any duty of trust or confidence) that would prevent or restrict the Group from acting on behalf of other customers or for its own account. Furthermore, the Company agrees that neither the Group nor any member or business of the Group is under a duty to disclose to the Company or use on behalf of the Company any information whatsoever about or derived from those activities or to account for any revenue or profits obtained in connection with such activities. However, consistent with the Group’s long-standing policy to hold in confidence the affairs of its customers, the Group will not use confidential information obtained from the Company except in connection with its services to, and its relationship with the Company. The Company hereby acknowledges that you are acting as principal and not as a fiduciary of the Company and the Company’s engagement of you in connection with the transactions contemplated herein is as an independent contractor, on an arms-length basis under this Agreement with duties solely to the Company, and...
Certain Acknowledgments. Employee acknowledges and agrees that Employee will have a prominent role in the management of the Company business and the development of the goodwill, of the Company and its Affiliates (including, without limitation, EHI) and will establish and develop relations and contacts with the principal customers and suppliers of the Company and its Affiliates (including, without limitation, EHI) in the United States of America and the rest of the world, all of which constitute valuable goodwill of, and could be used by Employee to compete unfairly with, the Company and its Affiliates (including, without limitation, EHI) and that (i) in the course of her employment with the Company, Employee will obtain confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets concerning the business and operations of the Company and its Affiliates (including, without limitation, EHI) in the United States of America and the rest of the world that could be used to compete unfairly with the Company and its Affiliates (including, without limitation, EHI); (ii) the covenants and restrictions contained in Section 5 are intended to protect the legitimate interests of the Company and its Affiliates (including, without limitation, EHI) in their respective goodwill, trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information; and (iii) Employee desires to be bound by such covenants and restrictions.
Certain Acknowledgments. This Agreement shall be considered for all purposes as having been prepared through the joint efforts of the parties. No presumption shall apply in favor of any party in the interpretation of this Agreement or in the resolution of any ambiguity of any provision hereof based on the preparation, substitution, submission or other event of negotiation, drafting or execution hereof. Each Member and Unitholder acknowledges that it/he/she is entitled to and has been afforded the opportunity to consult legal counsel of its choice regarding the terms, conditions and legal effects of this Agreement, as well as the advisability and propriety thereof. Each Member and Unitholder further acknowledges that having so consulted with legal counsel of its choosing, such Member or Unitholder hereby waives any right to raise or rely upon the lack of representation or effective representation in any future proceedings or in connection with any future claim resulting from this Agreement or the formation of the Company. THE COMPANY, THE MEMBERS AND THE UNITHOLDERS ACKNOWLEDGE THAT XXXXXXXX & XXXXX LLP HAS ONLY REPRESENTED THE COMPANY WITH RESPECT TO THE NEGOTIATION AND PREPARATION OF THIS AGREEMENT, AND HAS NOT REPRESENTED THE MEMBERS OR THE UNITHOLDERS WITH RESPECT TO SUCH MATTERS.
Certain Acknowledgments. The Company acknowledges that any failure, refusal or inability by the Company described in the foregoing paragraphs (i) through (iii) and paragraph (v) will cause the Holders to suffer damages in an amount that will be difficult to ascertain, including without limitation damages resulting from the loss of liquidity in the Registrable Securities and the additional investment risk in holding the Registrable Securities. Accordingly, the parties agree that it is appropriate to include in this Agreement the foregoing provisions for Default Payments, mandatory repurchases and the triggering of the ability of the Holders to exercise the Call Options in order to compensate the Holders for such damages. The parties acknowledge and agree that the Default Payments, mandatory repurchases and the triggering of ability of the Holders to exercise of the Call Options set forth above represent the parties' good faith effort to quantify such damages and, as such, agree that the form and amount of such Default Payments and mandatory repurchases and the triggering of the ability of the Holders to exercise of the Call Options are reasonable and will not constitute a penalty. The parties agree that the provisions of this clause (vii) consist of certain acknowledgments and agreements concerning the remedies of the Holders set forth in clauses (i) through (iii) and paragraph (v) of this paragraph; nothing in this clause (vii) imposes any additional default payments and mandatory repurchases for violations under this Agreement.
Certain Acknowledgments. The Borrower hereby confirms and acknowledges that (a) the Lender does not have any fiduciary or similar relationship to the Borrower by virtue of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated herein and that the relationship established by this Agreement between the Lender and the Borrower is solely that of creditor and debtor and (b) no joint venture exists between the Borrower and the Lender by virtue of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated herein.
Certain Acknowledgments. Employee by his execution and delivery of this Agreement represents to Employer as follows:
Certain Acknowledgments. Executive acknowledges that he is signing this Agreement voluntarily with full knowledge of its contents. If Executive decides not to sign this Agreement, the Company will not retaliate against Executive. Executive is not relying on any promise or representation not specifically and explicitly made in this Agreement. This Agreement may not be amended or modified except by a written agreement signed by Executive and an authorized officer of the Company. Executive understands that any changes that the parties agree to make to this Agreement after it has been presented to Executive, whether such changes are material or non‐material, will not extend the amount of time Executive has to consider the Agreement.
Certain Acknowledgments. Such Purchaser understands that (a) no federal or state agency has passed upon or made any recommendation or endorsement of the offering of the Forward Purchase Securities; (b) no public market now exists for the Forward Purchase Securities, and the Company has made no assurances that a public market will ever exist for the Forward Purchase Securities; and (c) its agreement to purchase the Forward Purchase Securities involves a high degree of risk which could cause such Purchaser to lose all or part of its investment.