CAM Sample Clauses

CAM. Each Lender hereby agrees, for the benefit of each other Lender and the Administrative Agent, that by delivering to the Administrative Agent a duly executed signature page to this Agreement or an Assignment and Assumption, such Lender shall become a party to the CAM Allocation Agreement, as set forth in Exhibit I with the rights and obligations for each Lender set forth therein. The provisions of the CAM Allocation Agreement are for the benefit of the Lenders and the Administrative Agent only and the Borrowers shall have no rights or obligations thereunder.
CAM the mechanism for the allocation and exchange of interests in the Loans, participations in Letters of Credit and collections thereunder established under Section 16.02.
CAM. Commencing on the Commencement Date and during the term of this Lease (including the first ten (10) months of the Lease Term), Lessee shall pay to Lessor, as Additional Rent, Lessee's Share of all common area electrical, grounds maintenance charges, reasonable property management charges, security services and other common area charges and expenses for the Building (the "CAM Charges"), as provided in subparagraph (e)(ii) below. The term "grounds maintenance" shall include, without limitation, all landscaping, planting, lawn and grounds care, all maintenance to the grounds and other common areas adjacent to the Premises and to all sidewalks, driveways, loading areas and parking areas.
CAM. Tenant's proportionate share of any and all common area maintenance charges for the building and entire shopping center is included in the above referenced base rental rate.
CAM. The ny shall be dissolved upon the occurrence of any of the owing events: When the period Eixed for the duration of company shall expire pursuant to Section Members; or by the unanimous written agreement upon the death, retirement. resignation. expulsion, bankruptcy or dissolution of a Member occurrence of any other event which terminates the continued membership of a Member in the Company “Withdrawal Event”), unless the business the Company is continued by the consent of all the remaining Members within ninety days after the Withdrawal Event and there are at least two remaining Members. Each of the Members agrees promptly to consent. writing, to continue the business of the Company upon a sale or gift either of a Member’s entire Economic Interest to which all of the remaining Members do not consent within forty-five days after the occurrence of such a sale or gift or upon sale or gift of a Transferring Member’s entire Membership Such consents shall be mailed or hand delivered to the principal place business the Company set forth in Section 2.03 hereof to such other address designated by the Managers] no later than days after each Withdrawal Event or transfer by of its entire Economic Interest or Membership Interest). The sole remedy for breach a Member’s obligation to consent to continue the business the Company under this Section shall be money damages not specific performance). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Operating Agreement, if a majority of Participating Percentages is cast to dissolve the Company at a meeting the Company pursuant to Article VII, then all of the Members shall agree in writing to dissolve the Company on the date agreed upon or in the event no agreement, as soon as possible, but in any event more than thirty days thereafter.
CAM. During the term of this lease, Tenant shall pay a pro-rata share of all the expenses incurred in connection with the operation and maintenance of the common areas of the Shopping Center, hereinafter referred to as "Tenant's CAM Tenant's share of the CAM shall be determined by the square footage leased by Tenant compared to the square footage of the Shopping Center. Initally, Tenant shall pay to Landlord $2.00 per square foot leased by Tenant per year in equal monthly installments, which amount shall be redited to Tenant's share of
CAM. There are no emission units at this facility subject to the USEPA’s Compliance Assurance Monitoring Assurance (CAM) rule.
CAM. 1.4.1 Urban shall pay to PAID, with respect to the Properties, such amount to contribute to the operating costs of every kind and nature paid or incurred by PAID in owning, operating and maintaining the Common Areas (as hereinafter defined) of the PAID Parcel and in providing services in common to the Properties and to the other properties within the PAID Parcel (the “CAM”). For the purposes of this Agreement, “Common Areas” (or, when singular, “Common Area”) shall mean those portions of the PAID Parcel that are presently, or are in the future, used as or designated as common areas and common services by PAID.
CAM. 5. Options a. Purchase Option (Note Date/Terms): _________________________________________________________________________ b. Right of First Refusal (Note Date/Terms/Reference DOT):____________________________________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------