Call Price Sample Clauses

Call Price. If the Call Right is exercised pursuant to this Section 2, as payment for the Seller’s Shares being purchased by the Purchaser or Nominee(s) pursuant to the Call Right, such Purchaser or Nominee(s) shall pay the aggregate Call Price to the Seller within fifteen (15) Business Days of the Exercise Date.
Call Price. The Call Price per Warrant is the sum of (i)(a) $1,000 (corresponding to 40 $25.00 Class A Units) or (b) if such exercise is in connection with a tender offer for Underlying Securities held by the Trust for settlement prior to the First Regular Call Date, $1,060 ($26.50 per Class A Unit), (ii) the applicable Class B Present Value Amount (which will be adjusted for any accrued Class B Payments on the Class B Units payable under (iii)), (iii) accrued and unpaid interest on the applicable Class A Units and accrued and unpaid Class B Payments on the applicable Class B Units being called and (iv) the applicable Expense Administrator Make-Whole Amount.
Call Price. If the Depositor elects to so direct the Master Servicer, the Master Servicer shall no later than 30 days prior to the Distribution Date selected for purchase of the assets of the Trust Fund (the "Purchase Date") deliver written notice to the Trustee and the Securities Administrator and either (a) deposit in the Distribution Account the Clean-Up Call Price or (b) state in such notice that the Clean-Up Call Price shall be deposited in the Distribution Account not later than 10:00 a.m., New York City time, on the applicable Purchase Date. Upon exercise of such option, the property of the Trust Fund shall be sold to the Master Servicer at a price equal to the Clean-Up Call Price whereupon the Master Servicer shall immediately sell such property to the Depositor at a price equal to the Clean-Up Call Price. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, the Master Sevicer shall not be obligated to purchase the assets of the Trust Fund unless and until the Master Servicer shall have received funds from the Depositor in an amount equal to the Clean-Up Call Price.
Call Price. (a) With respect to any exercise of the Call Right, the per-share “Call Price” will be equal to Three Hundred Thousand United State Dollars (US$300,000) (the “ Aggregate Call Price ”), divided by[ 22,480,000].
Call Price. In the event that the Company exercises the Call Option, the exercise price to be paid in cash to each Holder will be equal to the Put Price determined in accordance with Section 4.02, except that the Call Option will be exercised with respect to all of the Warrants and all Warrant Shares, and will be increased by an amount in cash equal to any Excess Consideration received within one hundred eighty (180) days following the exercise of the Call Option due to an Adjustment Event.
Call Price. The call price for the Warrant shall be One Cent ($0.01) multiplied by the Warrant Number then in effect.
Call Price. The Call Price for any Call Shares shall be payable to the Participant in one cash lump sum on the date of the Call Closing; provided, however, that the Call Notice may be cancelled by the Company with respect to some or all of the Call Shares at any time up to and including the Call Closing.
Call Price. The call price shall be $54.25 per share of Common Stock that constitutes a Callable/Puttable Share (the "Call Price"), subject to adjustments pursuant to paragraph (c) of this Section 4.
Call Price. The term "Call Price" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 15.7(a).
Call Price. The Purchase Price to be paid for the Call Shares purchased in accordance with this Section 7 (the "Call Price") shall be equal to the value of such Call Shares as determined as follows: