CABINETS Sample Clauses

CABINETS. Kitchen, medicine and other storage cabinets doors and drawers shall open and close freely. The attendant hardware shall be clean, secure, and operate properly.
CABINETS. A. All cabinets must be bonded together and to the equipment building ground system. B. All doors must be secured. C. All non-original holes larger than 1" must be covered with copper screen or solid metal plates. D. Current license for all operating frequencies should be mounted on the cabinet exterior for display at all times. X.
CABINETS. A. All cabinets must be bonded together and to the equipment building ground system.
CABINETS. Aluminum sign and control cabinets • Lockable, ventilated battery compartment • Weather stripping sealing each compartment against moisture
CABINETS. 5.1. The control cabinet material shall be constructed of aluminum and powder coated paint.
CABINETS. If you selected wood or wood veneer cabinets, expect difference in grain and color between and within the cabinet components due to natural variations in wood and the way it takes stain.
CABINETS. Furnish and install a coffee bar and/or lunch room base and wall cabinet. The cabinet(s) shall be plastic laminate by Wilsonart, Nevamar or equal in the manufacturer's standard color. The cabinet(s) shall be 6-'0" long minimum and 34" high with European style hinges and chrome wire pulls U.O.N. Each cabinet shall have one row of drawers over doors.
CABINETS a) Coffee bar to have 8 lineal feet of plastic laminate faced upper and lower cabinets, flush overlay custom grade design with single stainless steel sink and garbage disposal at one location per tenant, adjacent to restrooms and / or building waste line.
CABINETS. Oak framed doors and drawer fronts with flat insert panel, ¾” thick. Ends, facings, shelves to be min. 5/8” thick. All exposed edges to be finished with solid edge banding, continuously glued. Closers and filler strips to match doors.
CABINETS. ‌ All cabinets shall be a semi-custom grade, stock design cabinets from a manufacturer’s standard line. Completed pre-finished. Wall cabinets will have a minimum 2 adjustable shelves, and base cabinets to have fixed shelves. Color to be selected by Owner. Technical Standards