Box Sample Clauses

Box. Gardener has the right to use to Box (the “Box”) in the Garden, as identified in the Garden map attached to this agreement. Gardener may use the Box from 09/1/2019 _to 01/31/2020 .
Box. A Journeyman Butcher assigned to ice box work for four (4) or more hours per day shall receive a premium of Two Dollars and Fifty Cents ($2.50) per day for each such day worked.
Box. A metal Container provided by CONTRACTOR, with a capacity of one (1)
Box or “can” signs and signs employing unedged or uncapped plastic letters with no returns will not be permitted.

Related to Box

Lockbox Borrowers shall cause all account debtors to wire any amounts owing to any Borrower to such account (the “Bancontrol Account”) as Bank shall specify, and to mail all payments made by check to a post office box under Bank’s control. All invoices shall specify such post office box as the payment address. Bank shall have sole authority to collect such payments and deposit them to the Bancontrol Account. If a Borrower receives any amount despite such Instructions, such Borrower shall immediately deliver such payment to Bank in the form received, except for an endorsement to the order of Bank and, pending such delivery, shall hold such payment in trust for Bank. Funds from the Bancontrol Account shall be swept daily by Bank; two Business Days after clearance of any checks, Bank shall credit all amounts paid into the Bancontrol Account first, against any amounts outstanding under the Revolving Line, and then, of any remaining balance of such amount, to such Borrower’s operating account. Borrowers shall enter into such lockbox agreement as Bank shall reasonably request from time to time. Bank may, at its option, conduct a credit check of the Account Debtor for each Eligible Account requested by a Borrower for inclusion in the Borrowing Base. Bank may also verify directly with the respective account debtors the validity, amount and other matters relating to the Eligible Accounts, and notify any account debtor of Bank’s security interest in Borrowers’ Accounts.
Deposit Principal Life agrees to accept, and the Agreement Holder agrees to pay or cause to be paid to Principal Life, for value on the Effective Date, the Net Deposit (as specified in the Annex). All funds received by Principal Life under this Agreement shall become the exclusive property of Principal Life and remain a part of Principal Life’s general account without any duty or requirement of segregation or separate investment. This Agreement shall become effective only upon the receipt by Principal Life or its designee of the Net Deposit.
Mailing Address Borrower's mailing address, as set forth in the opening paragraph hereof or as changed in accordance with the provisions hereof, is true and correct.