Bidder Sample Clauses

Bidder. One who submits a response to this Invitation to Bid (ITB).
Bidder. Any individual, firm, or corporation submitting a bid for this Project, acting directly or through a duly authorized representative.
Bidder. Any person, firm or corporation submitting a bid for the work.
Bidder a person, firm, or entity that submits a Bid in response to an Invitation for Bid. Any Bidder may be represented by an agent after submitting evidence demonstrating the agent’s authority. The agent cannot certify as to his own agency status.
Bidder. Any individual, partnership, corporation, association, joint venture, or any combination thereof, submitting a Bid Form for the Work.
Bidder. The person or firm making a legally binding offer.
Bidder. Any individual, firm, corporation, or partnership submitting a bid for the work contemplated.