Basic 911 Service Provisioning Sample Clauses

Basic 911 Service Provisioning. For Basic 911 service, BellSouth will provide to US LEC a list consisting of each municipality that subscribes to Basic 911 service. The list will also provide, if known, the E911 conversion date for each municipality and, for network routing purposes, a ten-digit directory number representing the appropriate emergency answering position for each municipality subscribing to 911. US LEC will be required to arrange to accept 911 calls from its end users in municipalities that subscribe to Basic 911 service and translate the 911 call to the appropriate 10-digit directory number as stated on the list provided by BellSouth. US LEC will be required to route that call to BellSouth at the appropriate tandem or end office. When a municipality converts to E911 service, US LEC will be required to discontinue the Basic 911 procedures and being using E911 procedures.

Related to Basic 911 Service Provisioning

  • Maintenance of Services 5.1 Services resold pursuant to this Attachment and BellSouth’s General Subscriber Service Tariff and Private Line Service Tariff and facilities and equipment provided by BellSouth shall be maintained by BellSouth.