Authorized Sample Clauses

Authorized. The Adviser or the Trust has authorized such disclosure;
Authorized. There shall be a sufficient number of authorized but unissued and otherwise unreserved Common Shares for the issuance of all of the Shares issuable pursuant to such Advance Notice.
Authorized. The Adviser or the Fund has authorized such disclosure;
Authorized. This Agreement has been duly and validly authorized by all necessary action on the part of all parties hereto.
Authorized. The Adviser, the Trust, or the Subadviser has authorized such disclosure or such disclosure is made to an affiliate or agent of the parties, provided that (i) such affiliate or agent has a “need to know” for the furtherance of the obligations under this Agreement and (ii) such affiliate or agent agrees to be bound by the Confidentiality provisions of this Section 15;
Authorized. The Adviser, the Trust or the Subadviser, as applicable, has authorized such disclosure;
Authorized. Representative The Parties each represent and warrant that the individual signing of this Agreement on their respective behalves are authorized to do so and that the Agreement, upon such execution, will be a valid and binding obligation of each Party and enforceable against it.
Authorized. The Adviser, the Trust or the Subadviser has authorized such disclosure pursuant to the express written consent of the affected party;