Areas Sample Clauses

Areas. (a) Covered paths and passages, lobbies, staircases, landings of the Block and open paths and passages appurtenant or attributable to the Block.
Areas. District-wide special education departments may have quarterly meetings. Teachers may choose to include these meetings as part of their Teacher Collaborative time. If the meeting is required and scheduled after the school day, the teacher has the option of including the minutes in their Collaboration Time or receive pay in accordance with Section 10.47 of the Elgin Agreement for attendance. When an emergency arises, a faculty meeting may be called by the principal to resolve the issues involved. The faculty shall be given notice as far in advance as possible. Emergency faculty meetings shall not exceed one hour in length unless it's mutually agreed to by the faculty and principal to extend the time. These meetings shall be defined as a meeting of the entire faculty.
Areas. (a) The Affiliate shall be entitled to retransmit signals of the Subscribed Channels to the Subscribers through the Distribution systems limited to the Areas. The Affiliate shall not provide signals of the Subscribed Channels to Subscribers beyond the Areas. Violation of this clause shall be a material breach of this Agreement and the Affiliate shall be deemed to indulging in unauthorized retransmission of signals of the Subscribed Channels and the Broadcaster shall have the right to terminate this Agreement and/or deactivate the signals of the Subscribed Channels to the Distribution Systems of the Affiliate, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies available to it.
Areas. Landlord shall make available such areas and facilities for the common use of all tenants of the Building (including, but not limited to, parking areas, driveways, truckways, delivery passages, truck-loading areas, access and egress roads, walkways and landscaped and planted areas) as Landlord shall deem appropriate ("Common Areas"). The roof and exterior walls of the Building and the utility systems up to the boundaries of the Premises are Common Areas. Landlord or its agents shall operate, manage, equip, light, repair, replace and maintain the Common Areas for their intended purposes in such manner as Landlord shall reasonably, in its sole discretion, determine. Landlord may, from time to time, change the size, location, nature and use of any Common Area and make installations therein and move and remove the same, provided that Tenant's access to the Premises and parking are not materially altered. All reasonable expenses in connection with the Common Areas are Operating Expenses for the purposes of Paragraph 8 below.
Areas. The areas are: Area 1 - Zones 1, 2,3 Area 2 - Zone 4 Area 3 - Zones 5, 6