Approve Sample Clauses

Approve. The word approve is defined to mean review of the material, equipment or methods for general compliance with design concepts and with the information given in the Contract Documents. It does not imply a responsibility on the part of the City to verify in every detail conformance with plans and specifications.
Approve. The term “Approve,” and all other tenses of the word, used alone or as a modifier to another defined term (e.g., “Approved Research Project”) indicates the approval of a Patient Count Query, a Feasibility Query, or Research Project by the requisite GPC Committee(s).
Approve. It shall provide by endorsement or otherwise that such insurance may not be cancelled, terminated, amended or modified for any reason whatsoever, except upon thirty (30) days' prior written notice to Lessor.
Approve. Provisions including the word “approve”, “approved” or “approvalrequire the approval to be recorded in writing.
Approve allows loading and unloading to occur in the identified alleyway. Vehicles may only be parked in the public alley while loading or unloading or left unattended. Access from the alley shall remain open at all other times.
Approve allows hotel guest units 600 & 700 square feet in size instead of the maximum 550 SF, however the total SF of the hotel units cannot exceed 42,250 SF, and approval of any hotel guest units is subject to the additional limitations described in Article III.B.1.c) of the development agreement.
Approve allows the stacking lanes to vary in width from 15’ to 9’.
Approve allows a multiplier of 3 hotel guest units for each dwelling unit instead of the allowed 1:1. In no case will the total number of hotel guest units exceed 65, and approval of any hotel guest units is subject to the additional limitations described in Article III.B.1.c) of the development agreement.
Approve. One 24 SF identification sign for the desired use on the third floor (Tradewind’s) will be permitted on the stairwell, and allow a second, separate, 24 SF identification sign for Tetley’s to be located on the stairwell. In no case will either sign exceed 24 SF each. Approval of this deviation does not relieve the applicant of the requirement to obtain the necessary sign permits, which includes review by Lee County Environmental Sciences for compliance with sea turtle nesting regulations. Approve a temporary 24 SF identification sign for parking at the corner of Estero Boulevard and Crescent Street; this temporary sign will be allowed for a maximum of six months from the date of this approval, will be mounted on the wall of the McDonald’s on Crescent Street, and will not be illuminated. ARCHITECTURAL ELEVATIONS NOTICE OF CONSIDERATION OF A DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT BY THE TOWN OF FORT MYERS BEACH, FLORIDA The Town of Fort Myers Beach is considering entering into a development agreement with the owners and lessors of land which is proposed for a private redevelopment project known as Seafarer’s Plaza. Seafarer’s Plaza would be located on 3.64 acres of land primarily on the city block surrounded by Estero Boulevard, Crescent Street, and Fifth Avenue in the Town of Fort Myers Beach. Street addresses include: 1113 & 1133-1155 Estero Bl. and 1150-1190 Fifth Avenue, all in Section 24, Township 46S, Range 23E. The proposed development would consist of up to 90,903 square feet of commercial uses, 65 hotel units, and a proposed parking garage with about 364 parking spaces, in buildings not to exceed 40 feet in height above base flood elevation. The development may include interim use of existing buildings, including a night club/dance hall. Gulf of Mexico Estero Bay Major Roads D Local streets Development agreement ?. Town of Fort Myers Beach . Major Roads .7
Approve allows connection separation on Fifth Avenue of 30’ and 101’ instead of 125’