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Applies. The one-year marriage rule applies.
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Applies. There are Plan-Designated QNECs to which the following provisions apply (Complete (1), (2), and (3)):
Applies. AC8. PROTECTED BENEFITS (11.02(C)). The following Protected Benefits no longer apply to all Participants or do not apply to designated amounts/Participants as indicated, having been eliminated by a Plan amendment (Choose one of (a) or (b)): (a) x Does not apply. No Protected Benefits have been eliminated. (b) ¨ Applies. Protected Benefits have been eliminated as follows (Choose one or more of rows (1) through (4) as applicable. Choose one of columns (1), (2), or (3), and complete column (4)):
Applies all upon terms satisfactory to Channel 4) then it shall forthwith upon signature or as soon as reasonably possible following signature hereof do so; (and Channel 4 will respond to details and material submitted for such purposes and raise any questions or objections relating thereto as soon as reasonably practicable in each circumstance). Channel 4 shall not be obliged to make any payment hereunder unless and until the Producer shall have satisfied such condition(s) and obtained all Channel 4's approvals but if Channel 4 shall in its discretion elect to make any payments it shall not be deemed to have waived such requirements. [i. It is acknowledged that the Producer will not provide the Errors & Omissions insurances as specified in Clause 6 of the General Terms of Agreement. However, in the event that the Producer or its appointed distributor intends to distribute the Programme(s) or any part thereof the Producer warrants that it will first obtain an Errors and Omissions Policy in accordance with sub-clauses 3(a)(xiv) and 6(a)(v) of the General Terms of Agreement and the Errors and Omissions Certificate shall show Channel 4 and 4 Ventures Limited as additional insureds and will upon request provide Channel 4 with evidence thereof. The indemnity provided for in sub-clause 3(b) of the General Terms of Agreement is hereby reiterated in respect of any failure by the Producer so to do SAVE THAT the applicable commencement of the Errors and Omissions Policy shall be from the appointment of a distributor to distribute the Programme(s) or from the Producer first starting to distribute the Programme(s) and expiry shall be not earlier than 3 years after the first sale of the Programme(s)]
Applies. As to the Participating Employer, the following elections apply (or do not apply) which are different (or have different Effective Dates) than the elections applicable to the Signatory Employer:
Applies. See SFC Election 110 for details.
Applies. The Plan credits the specified service with the following designated Predecessor Employers as Service for the Employer for the purposes indicated (Choose (1) and (2) as applicable. Complete (3). Choose (4) if applicable):[Note: Any elective Service crediting under this Election 13 must be nondiscriminatory.]