ADDITIONAL ACTS. If for the validation of any of the provisions in this Agreement any act, resolution, approval or other procedure is required to the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company undertakes to cause such act, resolution, approval or other procedure to be affected or adopted in a manner that will enable the Company to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.
ADDITIONAL ACTS. Executive and the Corporation each agrees that he or it shall, as often as requested to do so, execute, acknowledge and deliver and file, or cause to be executed, acknowledged and delivered and filed, any and all further instruments, agreements or documents as may be necessary or expedient in order to consummate the transactions provided for in this Agreement and do any and all further acts and things as may be necessary or expedient in order to carry out the purpose and intent of this Agreement.
ADDITIONAL ACTS. If the sale of Warrants or the issuance or sale of any Common Stock or other securities issuable upon the exercise of the Warrants requires registration or approval of any governmental authority (other than the registration requirements under the Securities Act), or the taking of any other action under the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof before such securities may be validly offered or sold in compliance with such laws, then the Company covenants that it will, in good faith and as expeditiously as reasonably possible, use its reasonable best efforts to secure and maintain such registration or approval or to take such other action, as the case may be. The Company shall promptly notify the Warrant Agent in writing when (i) the Company has obtained all such governmental approvals and authorizations and (ii) such approvals and authorizations thereafter cease to be in effect.
ADDITIONAL ACTS. In connection with this Agreement, as well as all transactions contemplated by this Agreement, Owner and Developer each agree to execute and deliver such additional documents and instruments and take all such necessary action and perform such additional acts as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate, carry out and perform all of the terms, provisions and conditions of this Agreement and all such transactions; provided, however, this Agreement may be modified only in accordance with the terms hereof.
ADDITIONAL ACTS. (a) Republic agrees to take such actions requested by BB&T as may be reasonably necessary to modify the structure of, or to substitute parties to (so long as such substitute is BB&T or a wholly owned BB&T Subsidiary) the transactions contemplated hereby, provided that such modifications do not change the Merger Consideration (including the tax treatment thereof) or abrogate the covenants and other agreements contained in this Agreement, including, without limitation, the covenant not to take any action that would substantially delay completion of, or substantially impair the prospects of completing the Merger pursuant to this Agreement and the Plan of Merger.
ADDITIONAL ACTS. Except as otherwise provided herein, in addition to the acts and deeds recited herein and contemplated to be performed, executed and/or delivered by any party hereto, the parties hereto agree to perform, execute and/or deliver, or cause to be performed, executed and/or delivered, any and all such further acts, deeds and assurances, which may reasonably be required to effect the purposes of this Agreement.
ADDITIONAL ACTS. From time to time after Closing, Sellers shall execute such other instruments of conveyance and transfer, and take such other actions as Buyers reasonably may request, to convey and transfer full right, title and interest to, vest in, and place Buyers in legal and actual possession of, any and all of the Purchased Assets. Sellers also shall furnish Buyers with such information and documents in Sellers’ possession or under Sellers’ control, or which Sellers can execute or cause to be executed, as will enable Buyers to prosecute any and all petitions, applications, claims and demands relating to or constituting a part of the Purchased Assets.