Added Sample Clauses

Added. All terms of this Contract which, by their nature, are intended to survive termination, in whole or in part, or expiration of this Contract will survive termination, in whole or in part, or expiration of this Contract, including, but not limited to, the following sections: Section 4. Access to Records; Section 6. Assignment of Antitrust Claims; Section 7.
Added. The Contractor and its subcontractors shall impose no fees upon the recipients of any services provided through this Contract except as explicitly authorized by the State.
Added. The State and the Contractor agree that, to the greatest extent applicable, all equipment and products purchased with funds provided by the State pursuant to this Contract shall be American-made.
Added. All presently unrepresented professional academic employees employed full-time as defined in Article 6.1.c(1) of the 1999-2002 Unit B collective bargaining agreement including those professional academic employees initially hired on less than a full-time basis or for less than nine months whose contracts are later modified to full-time status for nine months or more during the academic year, and all presently unrepresented regular part-time academic employees, defined as appointments of .50 or more, employed for more than two consecutive academic years, employed as faculty, librarians, counselors, and learning service staff. The parties further agree that with respect to the revised definition of unrepresented full-time academic employees: 1) entry to the bargaining unit is at the time of qualification for those not initially qualified at the beginning of the academic year; 2) for purposes of determining eligibility for the re-employment opportunity rosters only, annually contracted faculty entering the bargaining unit during an academic year will be deemed to have the whole academic year in the bargaining unit; and 3) annually contracted faculty entering the bargaining unit and not employed in an annually contracted faculty Unit B bargaining unit position during the immediately preceding academic year are not eligible for negotiated salary increases during the year of entry into the bargaining unit.
Added. Appendix 1- Security Requirements, added. Appendix 2- Rehabilitation Periods, added. Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx - IS Officer
Added. Amendment 16 Account from revenue bond reserves that are no longer required by revenue bond covenants and that would otherwise be credited to the contractors including the Agency, bringing the deposits to that account under this article to $22.7 million.
Added. 6. The Department will make payment for costs for transporting equipment to and from the work site, if said costs are solely required as a direct result of the Force Account activity. THE SECOND PARAGRAPH IS CHANGED TO: The payment established is full payment for all equipment costs, including the cost of fuel, repairs, maintenance, depreciation, storage and incidentals.
Added. Amendment 16‌
Added. These take nothing but time and energy and compliment the advertising and marketing launch provided during your initial term. Clause 29.5 Rep initial Marketing Bonus. Deleted bonus in all cases but left requirement to do marketing in all cases. Clause 29.5 reworded slightly to include marketing reports weekly for 10 weeks. Clause 29.6 Taken out bonus all together – deleted. Schedule 6 YES in all cases Schedule 4 changed monthly pager cost from $40 to $50 a month and calls from $1.50 to $2 each. Also added that it is subject to change and may be charged from APM.