ABS Sample Clauses

ABS. Any fixed-income instrument that entitles the holder of, or beneficial owner under, the instrument to the whole or any part of the rights or entitlements of a holder of a receivable or other asset and any other rights or entitlements in respect of a pool of receivables or other assets or any money payable by obligors under those receivables or other assets (whether or not the money is payable to the holder of, or beneficial owner under, the instrument on the same terms and conditions as under the receivables or other assets) in relation to receivables or other assets; provided however, such receivables or assets shall be limited to automobile loans, credit card receivables and home equity loans and such other ABS assets as may be acceptable to the Administrative Agent.
ABS. BANKONE.COM xx xxxx Xxxxxx, xxe Insurer and the Depositor a statement setting forth the following information as to each Class of Certificates, in each case to the extent applicable:
ABS. For as long as ABS owns beneficially (within the meaning of Rule 13d-3 under the Exchange Act) at least one-and-one-quarter percent (1.25%) of the outstanding Shares of Capital Stock, including any Shares held by the Trustees on behalf of ABS pursuant to the Voting Trust Agreement, then, subject to applicable law (including the law governing the fiduciary duties of the directors of the Company), compliance with the FCC Neutrality Requirements and the rules and regulations of the SEC and the Nasdaq Stock Market, the Company will use its reasonable best efforts in order to cause an individual from time to time designated by ABS and reasonably acceptable to the Company (the “ABS Observer”) to be entitled, in his or her sole discretion, to attend and participate in, as a non-voting observer, all meetings (including participation in telephonic meetings) of the Board (and any committee thereof); provided, that the Board or such committee may exclude the ABS Observer from any meeting at which the matters under discussion or consideration would give rise to a conflict of interest between ABS or any of its Affiliates, on the one hand, and the Company or any of its Affiliates, on the other hand. Prior to attending any meeting, the ABS Observer shall be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement with the Company, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Company and the ABS Observer. For so long as the ABS Observer is entitled to attend meetings of the Board, the Company shall provide the ABS Observer with:
ABS. AH updated the group with the work that Shropshire, Staffs, and West Mids have undertaken on customer journey mapping on ABS. Approximately 1,000 responses were received and the top three wants from the ABS were:  an estimate of the reduced benefits payable for members between 55-60  details of what the max lump sum would be  a projection of what benefits would be built up in set period of time say 10-20 years. At this stage the group thought they would only want to take forward the first one. Members can work out their maximum tax free cash by using the online calculator and the last want would not be workable. A discussion around not projecting benefits to NRA was discussed. LB confirmed that NHS do not project and TPR do not appear to be concerned that this does not meet disclosure requirements. The balance between complying with disclosure regulations and providing a meaningful statement that our members can understand was discussed. MG has produced a project plan for the review of the ABS with a view to making amendments for the 2019 statements – it was agreed that it is more likely that any changes will be made in time for the 2020 statements as we will need to meet with software suppliers, agree a template and then make the necessary amendments to software will need to be made. It was agreed that the project will need the backing of the LGA to get the buy-in of software suppliers. AH will forward a table of all the results to the group and ask for feedback on the suggestions made by members. The group are to feedback by the end of May. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx (SD) updated the group on the video work that WYPF have been doing. They are in the process of producing more videos on topics such as when can I retire etc. A general discussion on videos took place. All agree it is a good way to communicate and should be used going forward. It is on the annual work- plan and will be looked at later in the year.
ABS. 2 der Rules for Participation der EC: In the case of a participating international organization or in the case of a participating legal entity established in a third country, neither of which are eligible for funding according to paragraph 1, funding from the Union may be granted provided that at least one of the following conditions is fulfilled:
ABS the American Bureau of Shipping; Acceptable Bank: a bank (i) having offices in the United States of America where drawings can be made and paid, and (ii) having a Credit Rating of not less than (a) A2 by Xxxxx’x, or (b) A by S&P, in each case, as of the date such bank is proposed by Seller to issue an Acceptable Letter of Credit, and from time to time thereafter;
ABS. 1 Satz 2 GmbHG Hermit bescheinige ich, dass der vorstehende Wortlaut des Gesellschaftsvertrages mit dem Beschluss der Gesellschafterversammlung vom 15. April 2005, meine UR-Nr. 45/2005, über die Neufassung des Gesellschaftsvertrages wörtlich übereinstimmt and nach erfolgter Eintragung im Handelsregister die gültige Fassung des Gesellschaftsvertrages ist. Frankfurt am Main, den 15. April 2005 gez. Chr. Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Nxxxx
ABS. Internal failure of the ABS pump, electronic control unit and sensors. Air conditioning – Failure of pump, compressor and evaporator. Braking system – Failure of the brake servo, brake vacuum pump, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders and calipers. Casings – Engine, gearbox, transmission or final drive casings are covered as long as they have been damaged as a direct result of one of the above parts failing. You are not covered for damage caused by accident, frost or lack of anti-freeze. Central locking – Failure of door lock, solenoids/motors and petrol cap locking mechanism. Clutch – Failure of the clutch plate, clutch cover, master cylinder, slave cylinder and thrust bearing including oil contamination of the clutch plate. You are not covered for burnt out parts. Consumables (as part of a valid claim) – Oil, oil filter, brake fluid and anti- freeze. Cooling system – Internal failure of all components, except belts, hoses, pipes, core plugs and failure due to clogging and sedimentation. Differential – Internal component failure. Driveline – Failure of the drive shafts, universal joints and C/V joints. > Plan B Electrics – Internal failure of all factory-fitted components except battery, fuses, fuse boxes, lamps, bulbs, LED illumination, cigar lighter, wiring and connections and printed circuit boards. Traffic management system, telephone including Bluetooth, TV/DVD, satellite navigation system and associated equipment of all types are specifically excluded as are non-factory fitted radio cassette, CD player or any other in-car entertainment component. Engine – Failure of the starter ring gear, flywheel, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings, timing gears, timing chains, timing belts, tensioners, camshaft pulleys, camshaft, camshaft followers, tappet gear, valves and guides, pistons and rings, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, rocker assembly, cylinder bores, push rods, gudgeon pins, con rods and bearings. You are not covered for burnt out, lacquered or pitted valves, or any damage resulting from the failure of worn timing belts which have not been replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule. Fuel system – Internal failure of all components, except catalytic convertor, diesel particulate filter, hoses and pipes, fuel filters, the fuel tank, cleaning and tuning. Direct Debit Guarantee This guarantee should be read by the payee before completion of the form. Please retain this copy. • This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building ...
ABS. The senior class ABS shall bear interest at a rate to be determined whereas secondary class ABS shall bear no interest. The senior class ABS shall rank senior to secondary class ABS in relation to the repayment of the principal amount of the ABS. The principal sum of senior class ABS is RMB950 million, which are to be subscribed by not more than 200 professional and institutional investors in the PRC. The principal sum of secondary class ABS is RMB50 million, which are to be subscribed by Qingdao Oceanpark. Details of which are set out in the table below: Ocean Park Ocean Park Ocean Park Ocean Park Ocean Park Secondary Tranche 01 ABS 02 ABS 03 ABS 04 ABS 05 ABS class ABS Principal amount (RMB) 150,000,000 180,000,000 200,000,000 200,000,000 220,000,000 50,000,000 Maturity date 20 September 20 September 20 September 20 September 20 September 20 September 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2023 THE SERVICE AGREEMENT On 9 September 2018, Xinyuan Capital Management, as the project manager, entered into a service agreement with Qingdao Oceanpark, pursuant to which Xinyuan Capital Management appointed Qingdao Oceanpark as the asset service agency of the Asset-backed Special Program. Qingdao Oceanpark shall set up a supervision account on or before the date of establishment of the Asset-backed Special Program. The supervision account shall be used specifically to receive the Ticket Sales Income generated from the Underlying Asset. During the period where Qingdao Oceanpark serves as the asset service agency, according to the terms and conditions under the Transaction Agreements, the Ticket Sales Income received shall be transferred to the supervision account on the day of ticket collection. The Ticket Sales Income in the supervision account will then be deposited into an account under the Asset-backed Special Program. Subsequently, Xinyuan Capital Management will pay the agreed interest and repay the principal of the relevant ABS to the ABS holders out of the account under the Asset-backed Special Program. Xinyuan Capital Management is not required to pay any service fee to Qingdao Oceanpark. THE PAYMENT UNDERTAKING On 8 August 2018, the Company entered into a Payment Undertaking with Xinyuan Capital Management, pursuant to which the Company undertook if Qingdao Oceanpark, for whatever reasons, during the course of the Asset-backed Special Program, has insufficient cash flows to maintain the cash balance to cover the operating costs and other expenses of the ABS, and to ful...
ABS. ABS990.ABS.REQUESTS.E00096 (Current and Archive Wages)