ABANDON Sample Clauses

ABANDON. Abandon" means the vacating of all or a substantial portion of the leased premises by Lessee, whether or not Lessee is in default of the rental payments due under this Lease.
ABANDON. Abandon" will mean the conduct of the FRANCHISEE, including acts of omission as well as commission, indicating the willingness, desire or intent of the FRANCHISEE to discontinue operating the franchised Business in accordance with the quality standards, uniform requirements and the Business System set forth in this Agreement and the Manual.
ABANDON. Abandon" means the vacating of all or a substantial ------- portion of the Premises by Tenant, whether or not Tenant is in default of the rental or other payments due under this Lease.
ABANDON. “Abandon” means the vacating of all of the Leased Premises by Tenant, whether or not Tenant is in default of payment of Rent due under this Lease.
ABANDON. Abandon" means the vacating of all or a substantial portion of the Leased Premises by Lessee or any approved sub lessee, whether or not Lessee or any approved sub lessee is in default of the rental payments due under this Lease.
ABANDON. In the event the Lessee abandons the leased premises before MENT the expiration of the term, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, or violates any of the terms, conditions, or RE-LETTING covenants hereof, the Lessor shall have the privilege at Lessor's option of re-entering and taking possession of said premises and leasing all or any portion of said premises for such term and for such use deemed satisfactory to the Lessor, applying each month the net proceeds obtained from said leasing to the credit of the Lessee herein, up to the amount due under the terms of this lease and the balance to the Lessor and, said leasing shall not release the Lessee from liability hereunder for the rents reserved for the residue of the term hereof, but Lessee shall be responsible each month for the difference, if any, between the net rents obtained from such leasing and the monthly rent reserved hereunder, and said difference shall be payable to the Lessor on the first day of each month for the residue of the term hereof. RE-ENTRY, No re-entry hereunder shall bar the recovery of rent or ETC., NO BAR damages for the breach of any of the terms, conditions, or covenants on the part of the Lessee herein contained. The receipt of rent after breach or condition broken, or delay on the part of Lessor to enforce any right hereunder, shall not be deemed a waiver of forfeiture, or a waiver of the right of the Lessor to annul the lease or to re-enter said premises or to re-let the same, or to accelerate the maturity of the rents hereunder. 3 REINSTATE- If this lease is terminated by the Lessor for any reason, MENT including non-payment or rent, and the Lessee pays the rent, attorneys' fees and other charges and thus makes himself current, and/or remains or continues to be in possession of the leased premises or any part thereof, with the Lessor's consent, this lease will be considered reinstated, and will continue in effect as though it had not been terminated.
ABANDON. 12. Lessee shall not abandon the Premises at any time during the MENT term; and if Lessee shall abandon or surrender the Premises, or be dispossessed by process of law, or otherwise, any personal property belonging to Lessee and left on the Premises shall be deemed to be abandoned, at the option of Lessor, except such property as may be mortgaged to Lessor.
ABANDON. Abandon" means the vacating of all or a substantial portion of the Premises by Tenant, accompanied by a default in payment of rent due under this Lease.
ABANDON. If the participant's GPS tracker does not indicate any significant movement (more than 100 km) for 24 hours, the participant will be deemed to have scratched and will be disqualified. In the case the participant scratches from the race, he must notify the organizer by any means and return the loaned equipment (GPS Tracker), to the race village, at his own expense, before the 27th of September 2020. In any case, the participant will have to sign a waiver, before the race start, in order to get his GPS Tracker. The waiver will engage the participant to refund the race organizer in case of loss or damage of the GPS tracker or if the participant can’t return the GPS tracker before the 27th of September 2020. The participant will leave the race on his own and by his own means in order to return to home or any other place. The participant, who has accepted the extreme risks of the event as set out in Article 2b of this Regulation, expressly and irrevocably relieves the organizer of any liability and assistance relating to his evacuation and / or repatriation to any place. It is therefore strongly recommended that the participant anticipates a possible scratching to organize his / her evacuation / repatriation. In the case of injury during the event, outside assistance, in addition to that of another participant, such as a doctor, rescuer, fireman, ambulance, hospital (etc.) is possible and recommended. In this case, the participant must - after being treated - resume the race at the exact place where he was assisted or evacuated. In the event of an injury during the event, the expenses resulting from the use of even exceptional means of rescue or evacuation shall be borne by the rescued participant who must also ensure his own return from the place where he has been evacuated from and even if the participant asks the organizer to call for help. The participant must therefore have taken out an insurance covering any type of damage related to the event, as stated in article 10 below INSURANCE. The participant may use his GPS Tracker on which an SOS function is provided, to indicate that he needs emergency services. Any abuse, including a false alert, will be the full responsibility of the participant as well as the costs of it. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify a participant who shows signs of advanced fatigue or serious injuries. The participant fully accepts this possibility of being taken out of the race. However, this provision does not mean that ...
ABANDON. If the provisions of this Article 17 hereof are not taken within the time limits specified therein or as extended in writing as set out above, the grievance may be deemed to have been abandoned and may not be re-opened.