Cost of Service definition

Cost of Service means an electric utility rate for a class of consumer which is designed, to the maximum extent practicable, to reflect the cost to the utility in providing electric service to such class;
Cost of Service means the dollar value equivalent for the direct and indirect costs of providing a program or service as calculated by the Senior Administrative Officer;
Cost of Service means an approach used to determine customer rates based on the revenue required by a utility to fully recover design and development costs, operation and maintenance costs, depreciation, debt service costs, a return on equity for capital costs, and all fees and Taxes, all as approved from time to time by the BCUC.

Examples of Cost of Service in a sentence

  • Beginning in the first quarter of fiscal year 2014, costs associated with field leaders that were previously recorded within General and Administrative expenses are now reported within Cost of Service and Site Operating expenses.

  • The Monthly Cost of Service Fee shall be calculated separately for each CS Facility for each Contract Year or, in the case of a CS Facility that is placed into service or acquired during a Contract Year, for the period from the first Day of the Month following the Month in which such CS Facility is placed into service or acquired through the end of such Contract Year, and for each Contract Year thereafter.

  • The Monthly Cost of Service Fee for each Contract Year (or portion thereof, if applicable) for each CS Facility is determined as follows: Monthly Capex Fee + Monthly O&M Fee = Monthly Cost of Service Fee.

  • The Cost of Service Fees for all CS Facilities for each Month shall be summed to result in the total Cost of Service Fee payable for such Month.

  • As a result, district and senior district leader labor costs are reported within Cost of Service rather than General and Administrative expenses, and their travel costs are reported within Site Operating expenses rather than General and Administrative expenses.

More Definitions of Cost of Service

Cost of Service means the method of setting the total cost of natural gas is based on the cost of providing distribution services to our customers.
Cost of Service means the total costs to be used in determining any rate or any rate adjustment pursuant to the ToC, which costs shall be determined by FortisBC Energy acting reasonably, including:
Cost of Service means the total annual cost of rendering the utility service expressed in monetary value including a return on invested capital and operational and administrative costs and expenses.
Cost of Service means the total annual cost of rendering the utility service expressed in monetary value, including a rate of return on invested capital.
Cost of Service. Core: Premium: £1,798 £2,875 Contacts : In the event that the contractor fails in the Clients opinion to perform in accordance with the terms of this Agreement the Client shall detail the failure in writing to the Contractor. The contractor will use every endeavour to remedy the breach, but if the breach is not remedied, or not accepted by the contractor as a breach, then the dispute shall be referred to a mutually agreed arbitrator to determine whether the failure exists, and to recommend such remedial action as is appropriate. This Agreement may be varied at any time by the mutual agreement of both parties. It must be stipulated that this is a support service, the information will be presented as the Head teachers report and the information contained in the conclusion and recommendations as being those of the Head teacher. Arbitration Procedure: Service Specification for: Education Finance Team Service Area: Planning and Strategy Service Function: The Service aims to provide sound financial support for Head teachers and Governing bodies to assist with the meeting of their national and local financial responsibilities. The service will provide the Head teacher with financial statements for both current financial year and further 2 years projections Performance Targets : Provide schools with a Premium service that result in 100% buyback into the Service Level Agreement. Aim to provide schools with a service that they buy back into the Premium option reaches 70%.
Cost of Service means the actual costs of providing a service. The following are calculated according to the Minister’s directions:
Cost of Service means the fee charged by the City to the Township for Contracted Services.