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Latest Resources

Contracting for Strategic Risk Management with Jen Reise

This webinar covers tips for fulfilling your role as risk detective without making mountains out of molehills. To do that well, you need to understand the business's priorities. Learn about defining corporate strategy and applying it to risk decisions.

Healthcare Business Associate Agreement with Arohi Kashyap

Attorney Arohi Kashyap uncovers the high privacy standards that come with working in the healthcare industry using a Business Associate Agreement. This contract passes requirements of the United States HIPAA regulations on to companies engaged by hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare institutions.

Intellectual Property in MSAs

Master Service Agreements support long-term relationships, but they also manage an exchange of ideas. Does your standard MSA address each side’s intellectual property rights smartly? Our webinar, “Intellectual Property in MSAs,” is a chance for you to weigh your IP protection language against examples from the Law Insider library.

User Agreement IP Rights with Amber Petrig

Watch as attorney Amber Petrig explains recent changes to Spotify's Terms of Use. She compares past terms to new language, highlighting the company's unilateral power to make changes in their own interest. Intellectual Property rights are especially important as Spotify updates both licenses and payment terms.

Finder Agreement for Finance with Rosanna Mannan

Watch as attorney Rosanna Mannan explains a Finder Agreement. This document is used when companies seeking private funding engage an individual to make connections with potential financiers. In this highly-regulated space, even common clauses become complex.

Trademark Assignment Agreement with Brittney Saint-Fleur

Watch as Brittney Saint-Fleur explains key concepts for drafting a Trademark Assignment Agreement. She explores representations of IP ownership, relationship-conscious dispute resolution, and strategic choice of applicable law.

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