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Latest Resources

Software Development + Consulting Agreement with Laurie McCall

See how attorney Laurie McCall thinks through one contract meant to cover two services: software development and expert consulting. According to McCall, the blended purposes create quite a mess. Issues arise with service definitions and change orders, contractor status, and intellectual property.

Employment Agreements for Physicians with Steve Hendler, JD MD

Attorney and physician Steve Hendler shares his views on a physician employment agreement. According to Hendler, the level of regulation in the medical industry makes this employment context special. Learn about hours, vacation time, supervision, and malpractice insurance.

FTC Changes that Impact Influencer Deals with Vicky Smolyar

This episode covers new FTC regulations and how the impact brand influencer deals. Given the government's primary concern of protecting the public, companies need to be savvy about how their seemingly small decisions can create risk.

Subcontracts in Government Projects with Shavon Smith

Shavon Smith shares how subcontracts are used to execute on accepted government project bids.

Defensive Drafting Worksheets

Five easy-to-use forms guide you through your customized defensive drafting process. These worksheets will help you identify your company's strategic priorities, including which risks are worth protecting against, and systematically negotiate contracts in line with those priorities.

How to Automate Routine Business Contracts

Join Preston Clark, a former in-house attorney and the founder of SimpleDocs, for a free weekly webinar to explore the latest strategies and best practices in contract automation.
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