United States of America Uses in Payment; Prepayment Clause

Payment; Prepayment from Securities Purchase Agreement

This Securities Purchase Agreement (this Agreement), dated as of March 13, 2017, is entered into by and between REAC Group, Inc., a Florida corporation (Company), and Iliad Research and Trading, L.P., a Utah limited partnership, its successors and/or assigns (Investor).

Payment; Prepayment. 1.1. Payment. Provided there is an Outstanding Balance, on each Installment Date (as defined below), Borrower shall pay to Lender an amount equal to the Installment Amount (as defined below) due on such Installment Date in accordance with Section 8. All payments owing hereunder shall be in lawful money of the United States of America or Conversion Shares (as defined below), as provided for herein, and delivered to Lender at the address or bank account furnished to Borrower for that purpose. All payments shall be applied first to (a) costs of collection, if any, then to (b) fees and charges, if any, then to (c) accrued and unpaid interest, and thereafter, to (d) principal. 1.2. Prepayment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, so long as Borrower has not received a Lender Conversion Notice (as defined below) or an Installment Notice (as defined below) from Lender where the applicable Conversion Shares have not yet been delivered and so long as no Event of Default has occurred since the Effective Date (whether declared by Lender or undeclared and regardless of whether or not cured), then Borrower shall have the right, exercisable on not less than five (5) Trading Days prior written notice to Lender to prepay the Outstanding Balance of this Note, in full, in accordance with this Section 1. Any notice of prepayment hereunder (an Optional Prepayment Notice) shall be delivered to Lender at its registered address and shall state: (i) that Borrower is exercising its right to prepay this Note, and (ii) the date of prepayment, which shall be not less than five (5) Trading Days from the date of the Optional Prepayment Notice. On the date fixed for prepayment (the Optional Prepayment Date), Borrower shall make payment of the Optional Prepayment Amount (as defined below) to or upon the order of Lender as may be specified by Lender in writing to Borrower. If Borrower exercises its right to prepay this Note, Borrower shall make payment to Lender of an amount in cash equal to 125% (the Prepayment Premium) multiplied by the then Outstanding Balance of this Note (the Optional Prepayment Amount). In the event Borrower delivers the Optional Prepayment Amount to Lender prior to the Optional Prepayment Date or without delivering an Optional Prepayment Notice to Lender as set forth herein without Lenders prior written consent, the Optional Prepayment Amount shall not be deemed to have been paid to Lender until the Optional Prepayment Date. Moreover, in such event the Optional Prepayment Liquidated Damages Amount will automatically be added to the Outstanding Balance of this Note on the day Borrower delivers the Optional Prepayment Amount to Lender. In the event Borrower delivers the Optional Prepayment Amount without an Optional Prepayment Notice, then the Optional Prepayment Date will be deemed to be the date that is five (5) Trading Days from the date that the Optional Prepayment Amount was delivered to Lender and Lender shall be entitled to exercise its conversion rights set forth herein during such five (5) day period. In addition, if Borrower delivers an Optional Prepayment Notice and fails to pay the Optional Prepayment Amount due to Lender within two (2) Trading Days following the Optional Prepayment Date, Borrower shall forever forfeit its right to prepay this Note.