State Michigan Uses in Section 3.22Gas Imbalances Clause

Section 3.22Gas Imbalances from Agreement

This AGREEMENT OF PURCHASE AND SALE, dated as of September 10, 2008, is made and entered into by and between GANESH ENERGY, LLC, a Michigan limited liability company, and GAS PROCESSING & PIPELINE, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company (collectively the "Seller"), and DCP MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP, a Delaware limited partnership ("Buyer").

Section 3.22Gas Imbalances. No pipelines or other assets owned by MPP or any of the Entities are designed or operated in a manner that produces any form of natural gas imbalance, the existence of or the resolution of which would have any form of impact on the financial condition or operations of MPP, the Entity or the Business, other than the Gas Imbalance, which relates solely to MMP Bay Area Pipeline LLC's ownership of the Bay Area Pipeline. The Gas Imbalance is not reflected in the MPP Financial Statements.