Seller Uses in Legal Services Clause

Legal Services from Asset Purchase Agreement

This ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT (the Agreement), dated as of January 4, 2017, is entered into by and among Patriot Bioenergy Corporation, a Kentucky corporation, (the Seller''), and Real Estate Contacts, Inc. (REAC), a Florida corporation (the Buyer'').

Legal Services. Seller acknowledges that Stephen Mills has drafted these documents based upon statements and documents provided to Seller and he has made no further or separate investigation or verification of the statements herein. Stephen Mills makes no warranties or promises except as contained herein. By completing this agreement, Seller acknowledges that Seller has completed any and all due diligence and is satisfied with his knowledge to complete this agreement. Seller acknowledges that Seller has had the opportunity to obtain legal counsel in relation to this agreement and is not relying on Stephen Mills to act as his attorney and further acknowledges that Stephen Mills is not acting as the attorney for the Seller.