New England Uses in Board Consent Clause

Board Consent from Operating Agreement

This Transmission Operating Agreement (this TOA or this Agreement), dated as of February 1, 2005, is made and entered into by and among Bangor Hydro-Electric Company; Town of Braintree Electric Light Department; Boston Edison Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company, Canal Electric Company, and Commonwealth Electric Company; Central Maine Power Company; Central Vermont Public Service Corporation; Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative; The City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Department; Florida Power & Light Company; Green Mountain Power Corporation; Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company; New England Power Company; New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Inc.; Northeast Utilities Service Company as agent for: The Connecticut Light and Power Company, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, Holyoke Power and Electric Com pany; Holyoke Water Power Company; and Public Service Company of New Hampshire; Norwood Municipal Light Department; Town of Reading Municipal Light De

Board Consent. The board of directors of each Party, in its sole discretion, shall have authorized and approved such Partys executing, delivering and performing this Agreement.