Board Uses in Benefits Clause


On behalf of TESARO, Inc. (the "Company"), I am very pleased to offer you an amended and restated employment letter in connection with your ongoing employment in the position of [TITLE].

Benefits. You will be eligible to participate in such medical, retirement and other benefits as are approved by the Board. As is the case with all employee benefits, such benefits will be governed by the terms and conditions of applicable plans or policies, which are subject to change or discontinuation at any time.

Benefits from Employment Offer Letter

On behalf of Visterra, Inc. (the Company or Visterra), I am pleased to set forth in this letter (the Employment Offer Letter) the terms and conditions of your employment with the Company, should you accept our offer.

Benefits. You may participate in all employee benefit plans made generally available by the Company from time to time to its employees, provided that you are eligible under (and subject to all provisions of) the plan documents that govern those plans. These benefits, of course, may be modified or changed from time to time at the sole discretion of the Board, and the provision of such benefits to you in no way changes or impacts your status as an at-will employee.


THIS EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made as of the 6th day of June, 2016, by and between OUTFRONT Media Inc. ("OUTFRONT"), having an address at 405 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10174, and Jodi Senese ("Executive"), whose address is 5 Apache Circle, Katonah, NY 10536.

Benefits. a) Executive shall be eligible to participate in all plans now existing or hereafter adopted for the general benefit of OUTFRONT employees for the period of such plans' existence, subject to the provisions of such plans as the same may be in effect from time to time unless otherwise prescribed. Executive shall also be eligible to participate in other OUTFRONT benefit plans in which participation is limited to OUTFRONT executives in positions comparable to or lesser than Executive's position. Since plans in this latter category are administered under procedures that are not subject to contractual arrangements, eligibility for consideration is no guarantee of actual participation because the discretion of the Board, or that of the appropriate committee of such Board, in granting participation, is absolute. To the extent Executive participates in any benefit plan, such participation shall be based upon Executive's base salary, unless otherwise indicated in the plan document.(b) Executive shall be eligible for vacation in accordance with OUTFRONT's vacation policy.

BENEFITS from Severance Plan

BENEFITS. The Company shall provide a Participant who has satisfied the eligibility requirements of Section 3 the Benefits described below. No Benefits will be deemed to have accrued prior to a Participant's Employment Termination Date, and no rights to Benefits will be deemed to have vested until the occurrence of an Involuntary Termination. Further details of the Benefits described in this Section 4 are provided in Exhibit A. Subject to the provisions of Section 13, the Plan Administrator may, from time to time, modify the Benefits to reflect changes in the compensation grade system or for changes in the Benefits approved by the Board. The Committee or its delegate may, in its sole discretion, determine that a Participant who incurs a demotion shall continue to be treated as if he or she were in a specified Salary Band set forth in Exhibit A solely for purposes of the Plan, regardless of such Participant's actual Salary Band, but in no event will such a Participant be eligible for a benefit greater than the level of benefits that applied to him or her immediately prior to his or her demotion. Any determination provided for in this paragraph shall be communicated to the Participant in writing.

Benefits from Separation and Release Agreement

Osiris Therapeutics (Osiris or the Company) and Lode Debrabandere (You) enter into this Separation and Release Agreement (Agreement) effective as of the Effective Date (as defined below).

Benefits. During the Employment Period, the Executive will be entitled to such other benefits approved by the Board and made available to employees generally. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent the Company from changing insurance carriers or from effecting modifications in insurance coverage or other employee benefits that impact Executive.

Benefits from Employment Agreement

This Employment Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on December 31, 2015, (the "Effective Date") by and between GCT Lobos Operations, LLC, a California limited liability company (the "Company"), and Jasmine Wolf, an individual (the "Employee"). Each of the Company and the Employee may be referred to herein as "Party" and collectively as the "Parties."

Benefits. During the Employment Term, Employee will be entitled to participate in the employee benefit plans currently and hereafter maintained by the Company of general applicability to other similarly situated employees of the Company. The Company reserves the right to cancel or change the benefit plans and programs it offers to its employees at any time. Section 2.3 Paid Time Off. Employee will be entitled to paid time off of twenty (20) days per calendar year to be taken in such amounts and at such times as approved in advance by the Company's President. Section 2.4 Expenses. The Company will reimburse Employee for reasonable travel, lodging, entertainment or other expenses incurred by Employee in the furtherance of or in connection with the performance of Employee's duties hereunder, only upon prior approval of such expenses by the Board.

Benefits from Employment Agreement

This Employment Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into this 1st day of September, 2015, by and between Armstrong Energy, Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Employer"), 7733 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 1625, St. Louis, Missouri 63105 and Jeffrey F. Winnick ("Winnick"), 685 Marshall Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63119.

Benefits. Winnick shall be eligible to participate in such benefits for Employer's employees as may be authorized and adopted from time to time by the Board including, without limitation, any pension plan, profit-sharing plan, or other qualified retirement plan and any group insurance plan. Employer shall reimburse Winnick for normal and reasonable business expenses incurred in performance of his responsibilities as determined in the sole discretion of Employer. During each calendar year Winnick shall be entitled to the vacation as Employer employees would be entitled to under Employer's standard vacation policy. Employer may furnish such other benefits to Winnick as it shall determine, from time to time, within its discretion, to be in the best interests of Employer and Winnick. Nothing herein is intended or shall be construed as precluding Employer from modifying or discontinuing any benefit plan, policy or program.

Benefits from Employment Agreement

This Agreement (as defined below) sets out the terms and conditions of your employment by the Company and will constitute your employment agreement.

Benefits. As of the Effective Date, the Company agrees to pay all reasonable premiums for health insurance and benefits reasonably required for you in the U.S., if any, once a mutually agreeable arrangement has been decided upon. To assist in reaching such arrangement you agree to obtain estimates from at least three health insurance providers and to provide the same to the Board. You may be required to provide information and undergo reasonable assessments of the insurers in order to determine your eligibility for benefits coverage. You hereby acknowledge that coverage under any benefit plan, or alternate plan arrangement as agreed upon in effect from time to time is subject to availability and other requirements of the applicable insurer and that the components of the benefits plan may be amended, modified or terminated from time to time by the Company in its sole discretion, and that this may include terminating or changing carriers.

Benefits from Employment Agreement

This Employment Agreement ("the Agreement") is made and entered into on the 23rd day of April, 2015 ("the Effective Date"), by and between Cheviot Savings Bank, an Ohio-chartered stock savings and loan association ("the Bank") and Mark Reitzes ("the Executive"). Any reference to the "Company" shall mean Cheviot Financial Corp., the holding company of the Bank. The Company is a signatory to this Agreement for the purpose of guaranteeing the Bank's performance hereunder.

Benefits. The Executive shall be eligible for all benefits which the Bank provides or makes available to its senior executives, including but not limited to health insurance, dental insurance, accident/disability insurance, life insurance, and participation in the Bank's defined contribution plans. The Executive's eligibility for and participation in such benefit plans shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of such plans, and Bank practices and policies, as established by the Bank and the applicable plan documents. Such benefits are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Board and as business needs dictate, provided, however, that any such changes shall be generally applicable to all employees or to a specific class of employees.

Benefits from Employment Agreement

THIS EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (this Agreement) is made as of the 25th day of February, 2015 between OceanFirst Bank, a federally-chartered capital stock savings bank (the Bank), and Lisa Borghese (the Executive).

Benefits. The Executive is entitled to receive benefits in accordance with the benefits utilized by the Bank for its officers and approved by the Board. Such benefits shall include participation in the annual cash incentive plan, full medical coverage, life insurance, 401K Plan (including applicable Bank contributions), Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP), and eligibility to earn awards in the annual equity award grant process, in each case subject to eligibility, vesting and the terms and conditions of the applicable plans.