August 10, 2007 Uses in Purchase of Shares Clause

Purchase of Shares from Agreement

Purchase of Shares. The Subscriber understands and acknowledges that the purchase price to be remitted to the Company in exchange for the Shares shall be set at $1.00 per Share, for an aggregate purchase price as set forth on page 8 hereof (the "Aggregate Purchase Price"). The Subscriber's delivery of this Agreement to the Company shall be accompanied by payment for the Shares subscribed for hereunder, payable in United States Dollars, by wire transfer of immediately available funds delivered contemporaneously with the Subscriber's delivery of this Agreement to the Company in accordance with the instructions provided on Exhibit A. The Subscriber understands and agrees that, subject to Section 2 and applicable laws, by executing this Agreement, it is entering into a binding agreement. 2. ACCEPTANCE, OFFERING TERM AND CLOSING PROCEDURES (a) Acceptance or Rejection. The obligation of the Subscriber to purchase the Shares shall be irrevocable, and the Subscriber shall be legally bound to purchase the Shares subject to the terms set forth in this Agreement. The Subscriber understands and agrees that the Company reserves the right to reject this subscription for Shares in whole or part in any order at any time prior to the Closing for any reason, notwithstanding the Subscriber's prior receipt of notice of acceptance of the Subscriber's subscription. In the event of rejection of this subscription by the Company in accordance with this Section 2, or if the sale of the Shares is not consummated by the Company for any reason, this Agreement and any other agreement entered into between the Subscriber and the Company relating to this subscription shall thereafter have no force or effect, and the Company shall promptly return or cause to be returned to the Subscriber the purchase price remitted to the Company, without interest thereon or deduction therefrom. (b) Offering Term. The subscription period for the Offering will begin as of June 29, 2007, and will terminate upon the occurrence of the earlier of (i) August 10, 2007 or (ii) the Company's decision to terminate the Offering sooner.