$50,000,000 Uses in In-Kind Distributions Clause

In-Kind Distributions from Registration Rights Agreement

This Registration Rights Agreement (the Agreement) is made, entered into and effective July 29, 2010, by and among Warburg Pincus Private Equity X, L.P. (WPX), Warburg Pincus X Partners, L.P. (WPXP and, together with WPX, WP), Silver Lake Partners III, L.P. (SL), Silver Lake Technology Investors III, L.P. (SLTI and, together with SL, SLP), the investors set forth on Schedule A hereto, Interactive Data Corporation, a Delaware corporation (IDC), Igloo Intermediate Corporation, a Delaware corporation (Holdings), and Igloo Holdings Corporation, a Delaware corporation.

In-Kind Distributions. If any Holder seeks to effectuate an in-kind distribution of all or part of its Company Shares to its direct or indirect equityholders, the Company will, subject to applicable lockups pursuant to Section 2.04, reasonably cooperate with and assist such Holder, such equityholders and the Companys transfer agent to facilitate such in-kind distribution in the manner reasonably requested by such Holder (including the delivery of instruction letters by the Company or its counsel to the Companys transfer agent and the delivery of Company Shares without restrictive legends, to the extent no longer applicable).