$5,000,000 Uses in Sections 2.12(a)(iv) and (v) (Borrowing Base Clause

Sections 2.12(a)(iv) and (v) (Borrowing Base from Amendment to Amended and Restated Credit Agreement

THIS FIRST AMENDMENT TO AMENDED AND RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT (this Amendment), dated as of April 1, 2005, is made and entered into by and among ANALEX CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation (the Borrower), and the subsidiaries of the Borrower identified on the signature pages hereto (the Subsidiary Guarantors), and BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., a national banking association (the Lender).

Sections 2.12(a)(iv) and (v) (Borrowing Base. are amended and restated in their entirety as follows: (iv) The lesser of (A) fifty percent (50%) of the Net Value of Eligible Unbilled Receivables and (B) $4,000,000; plus (v) $16,500,000 from the Supplemental Closing Date through September 29, 2005; $8,000,000 from September 30, 2005 through December 30, 2005; $5,000,000 from December 31, 2005 through March 30, 2006; and $0 at all times thereafter.