$4,675.00 Uses in Expenses Clause

Expenses from Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into this 1st day of May, 2014 ("Effective Date"), by and among ENERJEX KANSAS, INC., a Nevada corporation ("EnerJex"), WORKING INTEREST, LLC, a Kansas limited liability company ("WILLC"), VIKING ENERGY PARTNERS, LLC, a Texas limited liability company ("Viking"), and COAL CREEK ENERGY, LLC, a Kansas limited liability company ("Coal Creek", and together with EnerJex, WILLC, and Viking, individually a "Party" and collectively the "Parties").

Expenses. Coal Creek shall pay fifty percent (50%) of the legal fees incurred by EnerJex for drafting of this Agreement and closing documents, including exhibits hereto and thereto. Coal Creek's share of such legal fees of $4,675.00 shall be immediately paid to EnerJex at closing of this Agreement.