$20 million Uses in Indemnification Obligations of Solutia Clause

Indemnification Obligations of Solutia from Settlement Agreement

This SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT (this Agreement) is made as of February 28, 2008 by and among Solutia Inc., a Delaware corporation (Solutia) Monsanto Company (Monsanto) and SFC LLC, a Delaware limited liability company directly and wholly owned by Solutia (Funding Co).

Indemnification Obligations of Solutia. After the Effective Date, Solutia shall indemnify Monsanto and its Affiliates, directors, officers, employees, employee benefit plans, successors and assigns (collectively, Monsanto Indemnified Parties) and shall indemnify Pharmacia and its Affiliates, directors, officers, employees, successors and assigns (collectively, Pharmacia Indemnified Parties) pursuant to the Pharmacia Indemnity Exhibit and save and hold each of them harmless against, and pay on behalf of or reimburse Monsanto Indemnified Parties and Pharmacia Indemnified Parties as and when incurred for any loss, liability, action, cause of action, cost, damage or expense, whether or not arising out of third party claims (including interest, penalties, reasonable attorneys, consultants and experts fees and expenses) (collectively, Losses, and each a Loss), which any Monsanto Indemnified Party or Pharmacia Indemnified Party suffers, sustains or becomes subject to, as a result of or arising out of: