1994 Uses in o Admission Of Liability Clause

o Admission Of Liability from Employment Agreement

This Employment Agreement (Employment Agreement) is made as of April 9, 2007, to be effective as of April 9, 2007 (the Effective Date), by and among CLST-NAC, Ltd., formerly known as CellStar, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership (collectively, the Company) and Sherrian Gunn (the Employee).

o Admission Of Liability. This Agreement shall not in any way be construed as an admission by the Company of any acts of wrongdoing or violation of any statute, law, or legal right. Rather, the Company specifically denies and disclaims that it has any liability to Employee, but is willing to pay the sum described above at this time to definitively resolve once and forever this matter and to avoid the costs, expense, and delay of litigation.