$1,500.00 Uses in Compensation of the Investor Representative Clause

Compensation of the Investor Representative from Agreement

This Agreement dated for reference the 1st of November, 2006 (the "Effective Date"), by and among OL Funding Inc., a company incorporated under the laws of Nevada, (the "Company") and Investor Relations International, a company incorporated under the laws of Nevada, ("Investor Representative") and is made and entered into in light of the following recitals which are a material part hereof.

Compensation of the Investor Representative. As compensation for the services rendered by the Investor Representative pursuant to this agreement, the Company agrees to pay the Investor Representative and Investor Representative agrees to accept One Million Five Hundred Thousand (1,500,000) shares of common stock of the Company, which shares will be issued without registration and therefore subject to restrictions on trading. The Company and Investor Representative agree and confirm that, in consideration of the execution of the Agreement, and the performance of its obligations hereunder, the Company will grant, convey and issue to Investor Representative, the shares of common stock of the Company which are conveyed as if sold at their par value of $.001 per share, based on an agreed valuation for the work rendered and to be rendered being valued, for purposes herein, as $1,500.00, for which Investor Representative is deemed to have received same as of the date of execution. The right to receive the Shares at the agreed-upon value and the issuance and delivery of same to the Investor Representative constitutes the consideration for Investor Representative's services. The Investor Representative agrees not to sell any stock in any manner prohibited by law including in connection with any "promotion" of the Company for the sole purpose of allowing parties to sell shares of stock during periods of high stock trading volume.