14 Uses in Agreement to Return Company Property/Documents Clause

Agreement to Return Company Property/Documents from Separation Agreement and Release

THIS SEPARATION AGREEMENT AND RELEASE (this Agreement) is made by and between BRISTOW GROUP, INC., a Delaware corporation (Company), and RANDALL A. STAFFORD (Executive) this 25th day of June, 2012 (Effective Date). Company and Executive are sometimes referred to collectively as the Parties or individually as a Party.

Agreement to Return Company Property/Documents. Following the termination of CONSULTANTs consulting arrangement for any reason, CONSULTANT agrees that: (i) he will not take with him, copy, alter, destroy, or delete any files, documents or other materials whether or not embodying or recording any Confidential Information, including copies, without obtaining in advance the written consent of an authorized COMPANY representative; and (ii) he will promptly return to the COMPANY all Confidential Information, documents, files, records and tapes (written or electronically stored) that have been in his possession or control regarding the COMPANY, and he will not use or disclose such materials in any way or in any format, including written information in any form, information stored by electronic means, and any and all copies of these materials. He further agrees to return to the COMPANY immediately all COMPANY property, including, without limitation, keys, equipment, computer(s) and computer equipment, devices, COMPANY cellular phones, other COMPANY telephonic equipment, COMPANY credit cards, data, lists, information, correspondence, notes, memos, reports, or other writings prepared by the COMPANY or himself on behalf of the COMPANY.