125% Uses in Bonuses Clause

Bonuses from Employment Agreement

THIS EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT dated as of January 25, 2006 (this Agreement), by and between William D. Zollars (Executive) and YRC Worldwide Inc., a Delaware corporation (the Company).

Bonuses. During the Employment Period, Executive shall be eligible to participate in the Companys annual pay-for-performance or PFP plan, as amended (the Annual Incentive Plan), or any successor plan at a target level of 125% of Base Salary (the Annual Bonus). The Annual Incentive Plan will be administered in accordance with plan provisions. Executives actual bonus levels will be contingent upon the Company achieving predetermined financial results and the Boards approval, including approval of any components based on Company or individual performance. Executive acknowledges that actual payouts under the Annual Incentive Plan may be more or less than Executives target level based on the performance of the Company against plan criteria and Executives performance against any individual objectives.