0.25667208% Uses in Principal Payments Clause

Principal Payments from Joinder Agreement

This Incremental Joinder Agreement No. 3, dated as of May 10, 2017 (this Agreement), by and among STATION CASINOS LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (the Borrower), the Guarantors party hereto, Red Rock Resorts, Inc. (RRR), Station Holdco LLC (Holdco, and together with the Borrower, the Guarantors party hereto and RRR, the Station Parties), each of the INCREMENTAL TERM B LENDERS (as hereinafter defined) party hereto and DEUTSCHE BANK AG CAYMAN ISLANDS BRANCH, as administrative agent under the Credit Agreement referred to below (in such capacity, the Administrative Agent).

Principal Payments. Section 3.01(c) of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: (c) Term B Facility Loans. Borrower hereby promises to pay to Administrative Agent for the account of the Lenders with Term B Facility Loans in repayment of the principal of such Term B Facility Loans, (i) on the last Business Day of each fiscal quarter (commencing with the first full fiscal quarter following the Closing Date), an aggregate amount equal to (A) 0.25% of the aggregate principal amount of all Term B Facility Loans outstanding on the Closing Date plus (B) 0.2512563% of the aggregate principal amount of all Incremental Term B Loans made on January 30, 2017 plus (C) 0.25667208% of the aggregate principal amount of all Incremental Term B Loans made on May 10, 2017 (in each case, subject to adjustment for any prepayments made under Section 2.09 or Section 2.10 or Section 2.11(b) or Section 13.04(b)(B) or as provided in Section 2.12, in Section 2.13 or in Section 2.15) and (ii) the remaining principal amount of Term B Facility Loans on the Term B Facility Maturity Date.