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Are NDAs the Most Important Agreements?

What if NDAs are much more important than you think? In this episode, Ehteshamul Haque argues that an NDA lays the groundwork for a deal, making it incredibly significant (and too often overlooked).

Nintendo Switch End User License Agreement (EULA)

Attorney Akash Kashyap tears down the Nintendo Switch End User License Agreement (EULA).

How to Choose Arbitration Language Consistent with the Relationship

In this episode of the Contract Teardown show, guest Diana Isyanova shares three possible approaches. She argues that the relationship between the parties should dictate options, then the parties themselves should make informed choices. Watch to see how three transactions handled alternative dispute resolution options.

Software Services Agreements and Supply Chain Data Breaches

You probably run into a lot of software contracts. Big companies may have thousands of software agreements for technologies that weave together in a complicated mess. When there’s a data breach somewhere in that web, how do you untangle liability? On this episode of Contract Teardown, we’ll use an example recently in the news—the SolarWinds data breach—to sample the many issues.

Cybersecurity Insurance Policy Agreement from AXA

In this episode, Eric Drattel, general counsel at Roostify, tears down AXA’s Cybersecurity Insurance Policy Agreement.

Agile Software Development Solicitation

In this episode, John Grant—a consultant known as the “agile attorney”—walks us through an agile software development agreement. This one comes from 18F, the hiring agency for government services software in the United States.

Twitter Terms of Service

In this episode, Nada Alnajafi—lawyer and creator of Contract Nerds—tears down the Twitter terms of service.

Y Combinator SAFE Agreement

In this episode, Chilean startup attorney Matias Vukusic tears down the Y Combinator SAFE Agreement, or Simple Agreement for Future Equity.

Robinhood's Customer Agreement

In this episode, the founder of DoNotPay.com, Joshua Browder, argues that Robinhood Financial’s customer agreement is harmful to consumers.

Venture Capital Collaboration Agreement

In this episode, law professor, director of Emory Law’s TIGER program, and former patent counsel Nicole Morris tears down a venture capital collaboration agreement.

Oil and Gas Lease Agreement

In this episode, Chris White, an attorney in rural Ohio, tears down Anadarko’s standard oil and gas lease.

SaaS Escrow Agreement

In this episode, attorney and tech founder Martin Clausen digs into a SaaS Escrow Agreement from Escrow London Limited.

Purchase and Operating Agreements

In this episode, Corporate attorney Chad Busk breaks down the Purchase Agreement and Operating Agreement for Icon Aircraft’s A5 plane.

Arbitration Clause for Independent Contractors

In this episode, attorney Margeaux Thomas breaks down the Amazon Flex Independent Contractor Agreement’s arbitration clause.

Salesforce's Master Service Agreement

In this episode, media, tech, and entertainment lawyer Darlene Tonelli breaks down the Salesforce Master Service Agreement.

Boston.com's Terms of Service

In this episode, contracts attorney and legal industry commentator Colin Levy breaks down Boston.com’s Terms of Service.

Expensify's Privacy Policy

In this episode, privacy attorney and consultant Irene Mo talks to us about Expensify’s privacy policy.

Kanye West’s Contract in Plain English

In this episode we revisit Kanye West’s leaked recording contract with drafting expert Ross Guberman.

Microsoft Indemnification Clause

In this episode, Eric Drattell, general counsel at Roostify, tears down Microsoft's Indemnification Clause.

Walmart's 10-K (2020)

In this episode, Mitchell Hamline law professor Jen Reise tells us about Walmart’s most recent 10-K filing with the SEC.

The Harvey Weinstein Clause

Join this episode of the Contract Teardown Show as we discuss the Harvey Weinstein Clause.

Fiverr's Terms of Service

Join this episode of the Contract Teardown Show with Rachel Brenke.

Sirius XM Employment Agreement

Watch this edition of Contract Teardown with Matthew Johnston from the Johnston Business Law Group.

Oracle Software License and Services Agreement

Join us for this episode of Contract Teardown from Law Insider.