Vincenzo Viglione

Vincenzo Viglione

Legal Counsel

Vincenzo Viglione is a contract lawyer, dealing with international business law as well as Italian law, with a passion for purchasing. Currently studying English law. You can find him on LinkedIn or reach him through email at 

Expertise: Purchasing, Italian Law, International Business Law

Location: Limbourg, Walloon Region, Belgium

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Trane US vs SVS Machines and Service Maintenance Agreements

While a company may only sell one type of product or service, their purchasing managers constantly buy all sorts of goods and services from various industries, each with differing contracts. Unfortunately, the company's legal counsel is usually brought in to review the purchase contracts after all the negotiations are done. In this episode, in-house counsel Vincenzo Viglione shows how to add bottom-line value by bringing the attorney into the negotiating process from the beginning. He explains how to use his three-part framework to compare two service contracts from Trane US and SVS Machines and Service and determine which one is best from a legal perspective.