Benjamin Burns

Benjamin Burns


Benjamin Burns is an experienced Commercial Litigation and Corporate Law Attorney with a demonstrated history of litigating complex civil matters to verdict. Practice areas include Intellectual Property, Business Law, Copyright and Trademark, Trade Secrets, Products Liability, First and Third Party Insurance Litigation, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Real Property, and Real Estate Litigation. He can be reached at or found on LinkedIn.

Expertise: Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Business Law, Copyright and Trademark Law

Location: Missoula, Montana

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The Disney+ and ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement

The Walt Disney Company is rapidly growing its subscription-based streaming services as they close in on Netflix, the leader with more than 200 million subscribers. Disney has about 174 million subscribers across all its streaming platforms with their  Disney+ and ESPN+ at about 116 million and 15 million subscribers. Subscribers must agree to the Disney+ and ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement to get access. Attorney Benjamin Burns explains how this one-sided, non-user-friendly, horribly-formatted agreement is designed to give Disney aggressive access to mine, collect and share your data.