Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find the contract I’m looking for in the search results?
If you’re looking for a specific SEC contract, try searching by company name. If you’re looking for a contract category (e.g. sublease agreement) and it’s not appearing, try searching with the “Contracts” icon in the left menu.
Can I search by exact phrase or exclude search results with specific words?
The search query supports the following special characters:
  • + signifies AND operation
  • | signifies OR operation
  • +- negates a single token, e.g. employment agreement +-executive
  • " wraps a number of tokens to signify a phrase for searching, e.g. "change of control" employment + agreement
  • ( and ) signify precedence, e.g. (personal | executive) employment agreement
How many contracts are on this website?
1,264,200. We are trying to update this number on daily basis.
Where do these contracts come from?
The majority of the documents in the database are from SEC filings and are available in the public domain.
Can I advertise with
Maybe. Send an email to for more information.