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director, 10 percent owner, officer: Executive Chairman until December 15th, 2006
10 percent owner until December 31st, 2005
director until July 23rd, 2013
director, officer: President, CEO, Chair of Board, other: Member - 13(d) 10% owner group until August 8th, 2003
Graphic Packaging Holding Co – SECOND AMENDMENT TO REGISTRATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT (April 21st, 2011)

THIS SECOND AMENDMENT TO REGISTRATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT (this “Amendment”) is made and effective as of the last date set forth on the signature pages hereto (the “Amendment Date”) between Graphic Packaging Holding Company (f/k/a New Giant Corporation) (the “Company”), and Clayton Dubilier & Rice Fund V Limited Partnership (the “CDR Fund”), Jeffrey H. Coors (the “Family Representative”), Old Town S.A. (as successor in interest to EXOR Group S.A.) ( “Old Town”), TPG Bluegrass IV-AIV 1, L.P., TPG Bluegrass IV-AIV 2, L.P., TPG Bluegrass V-AIV 1, L.P., TPG Bluegrass V-AIV 2, L.P., TPG FOF V-A, L.P. and TPG FOF V-B, L.P. (collectively, the “TPG Entities” and together with the Company, the CDR Fund, the Family Representative, and Old Town, the “Parties”).

Graphic Packaging Corp – EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (July 24th, 2006)

This EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT is entered into as of this 20th day of July, 2006, by and among Graphic Packaging International, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Employer”), Graphic Packaging Corporation, a Delaware corporation (“GPC”) and Jeffrey H. Coors (“Executive”).

Graphic Packaging International Corp – August 15, 2001 Grover C. Coors Trust Mail Stop VR900 Adolph Coors Company P.O. Box 4030 Golden, CO 80401-0030 Attention: Linda Tafoya Gentlemen: The Grover C. Coors Trust ("Trust") and Graphic Packaging International Corporation ("GPI") are parties to a Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement dated as of August 15, 2000 (the "Purchase Agreement") pursuant to which the Trust acquired shares of 10% Series B Convertible Preferred Stock of GPI governed by Articles of Amendment to GPI's Articles of Incorporation (the "Articles of Amendment"). GPI is also a party to a Revolving Credit And Term Loan Agre (August 31st, 2001)
Graphic Packaging International Corp – Stock Certificate of Graphic Packaging International Corporation The certificate is printed on off-white paper. Verbiage is in black ink. Borders are in blue ink. The background inside the borders is light blue. The Number counter and the Share counter are displayed to the left and right just above the Company name block. A medallion design at the bottom center marks the location where the corporate seal is affixed. TEXT - FRONT PAGE Number Shares -1- -1,000,000- GRAPHIC PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION William K. Coors, Jeffrey H. Coors, Joseph Coors Jr., John K. Coors TR UA 08/07/52 This (August 31st, 2000)
Acx Technologies Inc – STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT (March 24th, 1999)
Acx Technologies Inc – AGREEMENT (May 1st, 1998)