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director, 10 percent owner, officer: Chairman until March 6th, 2008
Weis Markets Inc – WEIS MARKETS, INC. 1000 S. Second St. P. O. Box 471 Sunbury, PA 17801-0471 As of March 5, 2001 FROM: Robert F. Weis Norman S. Rich TO: Robert Hermanns RE: Employment Agreement ("Agreement") Dear Mr. Hermanns: This is to confirm our understanding regarding your employment with Weis Markets, Inc. (the "Company") on the terms stated herein and in accordance with the terms of employment contained in the letter from Norman S. Rich, dated February 22, 2001, which are incorporated herein by reference. The Company agrees to employ you as vice president and chief operating officer until March 5, 2004 t (March 8th, 2002)