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director, officer: President until June 1st, 2013
General Communication Inc – BONUS AGREEMENT Parties This agreement ("Agreement") is by and between: (a) General Communication, Inc., an Alaska corporation, and its wholly-owned subsidiary GCI Communication Corp., (together "GCI"); and (b) Wilson Hughes ("Hughes"), an employee of GCI. Recitals A. Hughes has been a long-time executive employee of GCI who has been a large contributor to its business success to date. Hughes is considering retiring, but GCI has offered Hughes a bonus if he will continue to remain employed on a full-time basis with GCI through December 31, 2004. B. Hughes has agreed to remain employed by GCI o (August 8th, 2003)
General Communication Inc – STATEMENT OF STOCK DESIGNATION ------------------------------------------------------------- Setting forth a copy of a resolution creating and authorizing the issuance of a series of preferred stock designated as "Series C Convertible Redeemable Accreting Preferred Stock" adopted by the board of directors of General Communication, Inc. ------------------------------------------------------------- Pursuant to AS 10.06.315 and 10.06.320 of the Alaska Statutes ------------------------------------------------------------- We, the undersigned officers of General Communication, Inc., an Alaska corpo (March 29th, 2002)
General Communication Inc – 1997 Amendment No. 1 to Voting Agreement (March 31st, 1998)
General Communication Inc – RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION (February 20th, 1998)
General Communication Inc – ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION (May 29th, 1997)
General Communication Inc – ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION (May 29th, 1997)