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director until January 23rd, 2008
10 percent owner until November 21st, 2007
director until March 13th, 2009
10 percent owner until October 2nd, 2004
10 percent owner until November 14th, 2007
other: Former Director until September 7th, 2005
Meadow Valley Corp – COMP J. David Pearce Nevada Bar No. 6446 In Association with FABIAN & CLENDENIN A Professional Corporation 2123 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109-0940 /s/ [ILLEGIBLE] (702) 894-4100 CLERK Attorney for Plaintiffs IN THE EIGHTH DISTRICT COURT CLARK COUNTY, STATE OF NEVADA SILVER STATE MATERIALS CORP., a ) Nevada corporation; CYRUS W. ) SPURLINO, an individual, ) Case No. A442555 ) Dept. No. X11 Plaintiffs, ) ) vs. ) VERIFIED COMPLAINT ) MEADOW VALLEY CORPORATION, a ) Nevada corporation; BRADLEY E. ) Arbitration Exemption Claimed: LARSEN; CHARLES R. NORTON; GARY ) ----------------------------- A. (November 30th, 2001)