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officer: Chief Financial Officer until June 5th, 2013
Nelnet Inc – FIRST AMENDMENT TO AMENDED AND RESTATED WAREHOUSE NOTE PURCHASE AND SECURITY AGREEMENT THIS FIRST AMENDMENT TO AMENDED AND RESTATED WAREHOUSE NOTE PURCHASE AND SECURITY AGREEMENT, dated as of June 29, 2004 (this "AMENDMENT") is by and among NHELP-III, Inc. as Issuer (the "ISSUER"); DELAWARE FUNDING COMPANY, LLC, successor to Delaware Funding Corporation, as Note Purchaser ("DFC"), PARK AVENUE RECEIVABLES COMPANY, LLC, successor to Park Avenue Receivables Corporation ("PARCO"), THREE RIVERS FUNDING CORPORATION, as Note Purchaser ("TRFC," and together with DFC and PARCO, the "NOTE PURCHASERS"); (August 16th, 2004)
Nelnet Inc – SECURITY AGREEMENT This Security Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into as of this 15th day of June, 2004, by and between Premiere Credit of North America, LLC, an Indiana limited liability company ("Debtor") and National Education Loan Network, Inc., a Nevada corporation ("Secured Party"). Debtor, for consideration, hereby assigns and pledges to Secured Party and grants to Secured Party a first security interest in all furniture and equipment of Debtor now owned or hereafter acquired, and all replacements, substitutions, accessions and proceeds thereof, including but not limited to the p (August 16th, 2004)
Nelnet Inc – LINE OF CREDIT AGREEMENT This Line of Credit Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into by and between National Education Loan Network, Inc., a Nevada corporation ("Lender") and Premiere Credit of North America, LLC, an Indiana limited liability company ("Borrower") as of this 15th day of June, 2004. 1. PROMISE TO PAY. Borrower hereby promises to pay to Lender the total of all credit advances and interest thereon together with all costs and expenses for which Borrower is responsible under this Agreement. Borrower shall pay to Lender all accrued and unpaid interest on the first busine (August 16th, 2004)
Nelnet Inc – [GRAPHIC OMITTED] Welcome to the Nelnet, Inc. 2004 annual shareholders meeting [LOGO] [LOGO] [GRAPHIC OMITTED] Safe harbor statement We would like to remind you that there will be forward looking statements made during the presentation. The forward looking statements may differ materially from actual results and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties. The company does not intend to update any forward looking statements made during today's presentation. [LOGO] [GRAPHIC OMITTED] Agenda o Call to order o Announcements and introductions o Notice and presence of quorum o Election of Directo (May 27th, 2004)

2001 2002 2003 ----------------------------------------- Assets: Student loans receivable, net $ 7,423,872 $ 8,559,420 $10,455,442 Cash, cash equivalents, and investments 371,704 784,197 1,013,374 Other assets 338,984 422,966 462,693 ----------------------------------------- Total assets 8,134,560 9,766,583 $11,931,509 ========================================= Liabilities: Bonds and notes payable 7,926,362 9,447,682 $11,366,458 Other liabilities 145,012 209,779 2

Nelnet Inc – NELNET INVESTOR RELATIONS PRESS RELEASES For Release: 01/30/04 Media Contact: Sheila Odom, 402.458.2329 Investor Contact: Cheryl Watson, 317.469.2064 Nelnet, Inc. Announces Fourth-Quarter and Year-End Earnings (Lincoln, NE) - Nelnet, Inc. (NYSE: NNI) today announced fourth-quarter and year-end earnings, highlighted by a 22% annual increase in student loan assets and the completion of its initial public offering on December 11, 2003, which raised net proceeds of $167.7 million through a 100% primary offering. Nelnet reported GAAP net income of $27.1 million for the year ended December 31, 2003, (February 5th, 2004)
Nelnet Inc – EXHIBIT A SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES EXHIBIT B-1 ORDER FORM EXHIBIT B-2 TRANSFER FORM EXHIBIT C NOTICE OF A FAILURE TO DELIVER THIS BROKER-DEALER AGREEMENT dated as of October 15, 2002 among NELNET STUDENT LOAN CORPORATION-1 (formerly known as Union Financial Services-1, Inc.) ("UFS-1"), DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS, (together with its successors and assigns, the "Auction Agent") not in its individual capacity but solely as agent of Zions First National Bank, as successor trustee (the "Trustee") under a Second Amended and Restated Indenture of Trust dated as of November 1, 1996, as previous (November 12th, 2003)

TIME EVENT By 9:00 a.m. Auction Agent obtains One-Month LIBOR By 10:30 a.m. Auction Agent advises the Broker-Dealers of the applicable All-Hold Rate and the applicable Maximum Rate, as set forth in Section 2.03(b)(i) of the Auction Agency Agreement. 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Auction Agent assembles information communicated to it by Broker Dealers as provided in Section 2.02 of Appendix A to the Supplemental Indenture. Submission Deadline is 1:00 p.m. Not earlier than 1:00 p.m. Auction Agent makes determinations pursuant to Sectio

Nelnet Inc – Our Ref: 2000005032231 Sent: 31 July 2003 21:01 Page 2 of 5 [JPMORGAN LOGO] Compounding: Inapplicable Business Days: New York Calculation Agent JPMorgan, unless otherwise stated in the Agreement. B. ACCOUNT DETAILS: Payments to JPMorgan in USD: JPMORGAN CHASE NEW YORK JPMORGAN CHASE BANK BIC: CHASUS33XXX AC No: 099997979 Payments to Counterparty in USD: As per your standard settlement instructions. C. OFFICES JPMorgan: NEW YORK Counterparty: LINCOLN Each part represents that (i) it is entering into the Transaction evidenced hereby as principal (and not as agent or in any other capacity); (ii) (September 25th, 2003)
Nelnet Inc – THIS FIRST AMENDMENT TO WAREHOUSE LOAN AND SECURITY AGREEMENT (the "Amendment") is made as of December 15, 1998, among: NHELP-I, INC., a corporation duly organized under the laws of the state of Nevada (the "Borrower"); CONCORD MINUTEMEN CAPITAL COMPANY, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company ("Concord"); and NORWEST BANK MINNESOTA, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, a national banking association, as eligible lender and trustee (the "Trustee"). PRELIMINARY STATEMENTS 1. The Borrower, Concord and the Trustee have previously entered into that certain Warehouse Loan and Security Agreement dated as of Sept (September 25th, 2003)

STAFFORD, SLS CONSOLIDATION PER ACCOUNT SERVICING FEES & PLUS LOANS LOANS Enrolled $1.50 per month N/A Grace $3.20 per month N/A Deferment $3.20 per month $3.75 Forbearance $3.20 per month $3.75 Repayment (Current) $3.20 per month $3.75 Repayment (More than 30 days past due) $5.45 per month $6.00 Default claim filing $20 per claim filed $20 per claim filed