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director, 10 percent owner until January 3rd, 2008
director, 10 percent owner until April 14th, 2008
director until October 5th, 2009
director, 10 percent owner, officer: Corporate Secretary until March 4th, 2004
director until May 9th, 2008
director until July 14th, 2005
Xtreme Companies Inc – CONVERTIBLE DEBENTURE EXCHANGE AGREEMENT / CONVERSION OF NOTES This Convertible Debenture Exchange Agreement (this "Agreement"), dated as of May 18, 2005, is entered into by and between Xtreme Companies, Inc., a Nevada corporation (the "Company"), and Dutchess Private Equities Fund, II, LP, (the "Holder"). RECITALS WHEREAS, the Holder currently has a note ("Note"), executed March 11, 2005 ($90,000), due and payable on April 11, 2005, and is currently in default WHEREAS, the Holder hereby agrees elects to take actions as outlined in Article 4 ("Default and Remedies") of the Note and to convert (June 9th, 2005)
Xtreme Companies Inc – ADDENDUM THIS ADDENDUM ("ADDENDUM") TO THE DEBENTURE AGREEMENTS ON THIS 23RD DAY OF MAY, 2005, BY END BETWEEN THE PARTIES XTREME COMPANIES, INC. ("COMPANY"), DUTCHESS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ON BEHALF OF DUTCHESS PRIVATE EQUITIES FUND, LP AND DUTCHESS PRIVATE EQUITIES FUND, II, LP (COLLECTIVELY "DUTCHESS"); AND EFUND CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC ("EFUND") Whereas, the parties have agreed to amend Section 3.2 (c), Conversion Rate, of the Debentures and have reached full agreement as to the terms and conditions of such amendment for the following outstanding debentures: eFund Capital Partners October 1, 200 (June 9th, 2005)