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director until May 22nd, 2013
director until February 22nd, 2012
director until January 15th, 2009
director until June 13th, 2007
Janus Capital Group Inc – Steve Scheid Chairman Second Quarter 2009 Earnings Presentation July 14, 2009 C-0709-099 10-15-09 Tim Armour Interim Chief Executive Officer Greg Frost Chief Financial Officer Highlights 2Q 2009 EPS from continuing operations of $0.10 versus a loss of $5.22 in 1Q 2009 and $0.40 in 2Q 2008 1Q 2009 EPS included a $5.21 per share non-cash impairment charge to goodwill and intangible assets, a $0.03 per share litigation settlement charge and a $0.03 per share non- operating impairment charge on unconsolidated seed capital Total company long- term net flows for 2Q 2009 of $2.3 billion compared to $(0 (July 14th, 2009)
Janus Capital Group Inc – Highlights (adjusted basis) 2Q 2005 adjusted EPS of $0.11 flat compared to 1Q 2005 and reflects an increase in the Investment Management operating margin to 23.0% (1) Total long-term net outflows (ex $2 billion in ING redemption) of $0.1 billion in 2Q 2005 versus $1.9 billion of net outflows in 1Q 2005 Assets Under Management ("AUM") at June 30, 2005 of $130.3 billion, down 1.1% for the quarter Driven by money market outflows of $1.8 billion, ING redemption of $2.0 billion, Vontobel disposition of $0.2 billion and market appreciation of $2.6 billion 65% and 59% of JIF funds were in the top two (July 28th, 2005)

Second Quarter 2005 Earnings Presentation Steve Scheid Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Black President and Chief Investment Officer Dave Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer C0705-133 10-15-05 July 28, 2005