Xtime Service definition

Xtime Service means the collective term used herein to describe the Xtime retention system, including Xtime’s SaaS hosting infrastructure used to deliver and support it.
Xtime Service means the collective term used herein to describe the Xtime retention system, including Xtime’s SaaS hosting infrastructure used to deliver and support it. Solely with respect to limitations on use of the Xtime Service set forth in this Agreement, Xtime Service includes any interfaces between the Xtime Service and applicable DealershipsDMS (“Third Party Interface”).

Examples of Xtime Service in a sentence

  • Nothing in this Agreement will: (i) prevent Provider from making changes to the Provider System that will not affect the functioning of the Xtime Interface or the Xtime Service; and (ii) require Xtime to modify the Xtime Service or the Xtime Interface for any changes that Provider makes to the Provider System or the Provider Integration.

  • Provider acknowledges that the Provider Integration for each Integration Module will only be provided for those Mutual Dealer Clients that provide explicit permission for Provider to access their Xtime Service.

  • Except for the rights expressly granted to Provider under this Agreement, Provider will not have any right, title or interest in or to the Xtime Service and the Xtime Interface, or any other technology, materials or intellectual property of Xtime and its licensors, and nothing herein will effect a transfer of any intellectual property rights or any other ownership rights away from Xtime or its licensors.

  • In the event of any degradation or adverse impact to the Xtime Service, upon notification from Xtime, Provider will investigate the cause of issue and promptly terminate those processes causing such degradation or adverse impact and implement any necessary changes to the Provider System to prevent such degradation or adverse impact from reoccurring.

  • Provider may not operate, manage, or modify the Provider System and the Provider Integration in any manner that will knowingly disrupt or degrade the performance of the Xtime Interface or the Xtime Service; provided, however, that the foregoing will not apply to any modifications necessary in order to comply with applicable Laws, in which case Provider will give Xtime reasonable advance Email Notice thereof.

  • Xtime and its licensors reserve and retain all of their intellectual property rights and ownership rights to the Xtime Service and the Xtime Interface, including any and all enhancements thereto conceived, made or implemented during all phases of development and release thereof.

  • Xtime will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the Xtime Service and the Xtime Interface, so that the Provider System will be capable of transmitting Data to and receiving Data from the Xtime Service through the Provider Integration.

  • Xtime may make modifications to the Xtime Service and/or the Xtime Interface as Xtime deems reasonably necessary or appropriate for the operation or improvement of the Xtime Service.

  • Investors see it as a riskier bet and demand higher returns to lend to governments.

  • Provider will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the Provider System and the Provider Integration so that the Xtime Service will be capable of receiving Data from and transmitting Data to the Provider System through the Xtime Interface.

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