Witness Fee definition

Witness Fee means an appearance fee and may also include a mileage rate established by statutory provision pursuant to Section 78B-1-119.
Witness Fee means an appearance fee and may also include a mileage rate established by statutory provision pursuant to Section 21-5-4.

Examples of Witness Fee in a sentence

The Service Provider will charge the Client for time spent (including preparation and travel time), materials used, and costs incurred at the rates set forth in Document Production and Witness Fee Schedule version AF201411.

Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to substitute Purchaser as a party to the Joint Expert Witness Fee and Expense Agreement dated July 31, 1996 (as amended).

Employees shall not accept the Court Witness Fee, nor submit paperwork to accept same.

It is understood that such reimbursement shall not be for hours in excess of seven and one-half (7 ½) per day or thirty-seven and one-half (37 ½) per week, less pay received for Jury Duty or Witness Fee, whichever applies.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this section to the contrary, the provisions limiting a party’s liability under this section shall not apply with respect to a party’s indemnification obligations under this Agreement, any amounts payable by the Company to Tatum or any Tatum Resource under this Agreement, or any obligations of the Company arising under subsection (c) of Governing Law, Arbitration, Witness Fee section of this Agreement.

Upon filing, the Court may schedule the matter for hearing.RULE 7.03 WITNESS FEES (A) A party requesting the issuance of subpoenas for a witness shall, at the time of filing the request for subpoena, submit a check or checks payable to the witness or witnesses under the Witness Fee Statue (Ohio Revised Code §2335.06 or as hereafter amended) for said witness with the Juvenile Court Clerk.

The employee must deposit any compensation, less mileage payment, received through Jury Pay or Witness Fee with the Grant County Treasurer, along with verification of such duty, to be eligible for pay under this paragraph.

The costs for a court interpreter to provide interpretation services to an NES juror or prospective juror in civil cases should be paid by the court through the Jury and Witness Fee Fund.

All costs associated with administering these guidelines and providing services for NES jurors and prospective jurors should be paid from the Jury and Witness Fee Fund.

Witness Fee The fee for a witness attending a hearing or a deposition under this subchapter is the same as the fee for a witness in a civil action in a district court.

Related to Witness Fee

Initiation fee means a fee charged by us to you in order to create a credit facility for you;
Entrance fee means a fee set by the facility that must be paid in order to make a greyhound eligible for a stakes race.
referral fee means any form of compensation, direct or indirect, paid for the referral of a client to or from a registrant.
Professional Fee Amount means the aggregate amount of Professional Fee Claims and other unpaid fees and expenses of Professionals estimate they have incurred or will incur in rendering services to the Debtors as set forth in Article II.C of the Plan.
Retainer Fee means Fees prepaid by Client for Services. If Client has paid a Retainer Fee, IHS will deduct from that Retainer Fee any Fees owed for any Fixed, Time-Based, or Unit-Based Services.
Introduction Fee means the fee payable by the Client to the Agency for an Introduction resulting in an Engagement;
Membership Fee means the membership fee which the Core Member (or, in case of juvenile, through his or her legal parent or legal guardian) shall remit to the Company for enrollment of the Membership, which is to be discussed more particularly in detail under Clause 5.1.
Annual Fee means the fee charged by the trustee/sponsor of a scheme on an annual basis and payable by the employers and/or members of the scheme.
Community Association Dues, Fees, and Assessments means all dues, fees, assessments and other charges that are imposed on Borrower or the Property by a condominium association, homeowners association or similar organization.
Annual Fees means the cash portion of (i) any annual fee payable to a Non- Employee Director for service on the Board; (ii) any other fee determined on an annual basis and payable for service on, or for acting as chairperson of, any committee of the Board, and (iii) any similar annual fee or fees payable in respect of service on the board of directors of any Subsidiary or any committee of any such board of directors.
Service Fee means a fee charged by us to you for the administration of your credit facility.
Development Fee means a fee for the packaging of a Property, including negotiating and approving plans, and undertaking to assist in obtaining zoning and necessary variances and necessary financing for the Property, either initially or at a later date.
Fees means all amounts payable pursuant to, or referred to in, Section 4.1.
Base Fee means the amount paid to the Executive annually by the Corporation pursuant to Article 5.1;
Fee means a nonrefundable payment of money.
Option Fee means a payment as referred to in section 27(2)(a) of the Act. The amount of the Option Fee is specified in Part A of this application. The amount of the Option Fee is capped as follows:
Construction Fee means a fee or other remuneration for acting as general contractor and/or construction manager to construct improvements, supervise and coordinate projects or to provide major repairs or rehabilitation on a Property.
Structuring Fee means a fee for certain advisory services equal to 0.50% of the gross proceeds of the sale of Common Units pursuant to the Underwriting Agreement, including pursuant to any exercise of the Over-Allotment Option.
Soft Costs means all costs which are ordinarily and reasonably incurred in relation to the acquisition, development, installation, construction, improvement and testing of the Properties other than Hard Costs, including without limitation structuring fees, administrative fees, legal fees, upfront fees, fees and expenses related to appraisals, title examinations, title insurance, document recordation, surveys, environmental site assessments, geotechnical soil investigations and similar costs and professional fees customarily associated with a real estate closing, the Lender Unused Fee, the Holder Unused Fee, fees and expenses of the Owner Trustee payable or reimbursable under the Operative Agreements and costs and expenses incurred pursuant to Sections 7.3(a) and 7.3(b) of the Participation Agreement.
Registration Fee means the fee paid to enroll in the Voluntary Remediation Program, based on 1.0% of the total cost of remediation at a site, not to exceed the statutory maximum.
Management Fee means the management fee paid to the General Partner pursuant to this Agreement.
Minimum Payment means the amount of minimum payment as stated in the Fee Schedule;
Closing Fee means the fee charged to the Borrower to participate in the Collateral Support Program when the Qualified Loan closes, based on the original amount and term of support, and type of Qualified Loan.
Retainer means the annual cash retainer payable to a Director as established from time to time by the Board of Directors; provided, however, that the term “Retainer” shall not include that portion of the annual cash retainer as to which a right exists to make an election under, or for which a prior election is in effect under, the Terms and Conditions Regarding the Grant of Options in Lieu of Cash Directors Fees to Non-Employee Directors Under 2003 Equity Incentive Plan of Manpower Inc. (the “Option Terms”) or the Procedures Governing the Grant of Options to Non-Employee Directors Under the 1994 Executive Stock Option and Restricted Stock Plan of Manpower Inc. (the “Option Procedures”).
Developer Fee means the fee earned by the Developer.
Monthly Fee means the total consideration, including but not limited to, equipment or locker rental, credit check, finance, medical and dietary evaluation, class and training fees, and all other similar fees or charges and interest, but excluding any initiation fee, to be paid by a buyer, divided by the total number of months of health club service use allowed by the buyer's contract, including months or time periods called "free" or "bonus" months or time periods and such months or time periods that are described in any other terms suggesting that they are provided free of charge, which months or time periods are given or contemplated when the contract is initially executed.