Definition of Wildlife Mitigation Plan

Wildlife Mitigation Plan means that certain wildlife mitigation plan for Strawberry Creek that was approved by the ________ on _____, as the same may be amended and supplemented from time to time, which obligates the Master Developer and/or the Community Association to implement certain wildlife management actions, perform certain work and development programs, and to meet other obligations to mitigate the potentially adverse impact of human activities and development on wildlife and natural habitats within the Community. The Wildlife Mitigation Plan requires that the Community comply with certain rules, regulations, restrictions, and other provisions contained therein, which are contained in this Master Declaration and the other Governing Documents as the Wildlife Mitigation Plan Regulations.

Examples of Wildlife Mitigation Plan in a sentence

All COGCC Form 2A permits in SWHA and RSO areas have language that reference BMPs. Out of 97 Form 2A Permits, CPW reviewed 2 RSO permits and 8 SWHA permits in WMPs. BMPs* These BMPs are taken directly from the Wildlife Mitigation Plan Agreements.
Master Developer therefore wishes to subject all of the Community to the covenants, conditions, restrictions, assessments, charges, servitudes, liens, reservations and easements, including the Wildlife Mitigation Plan Regulations and the Conservation Easements, as hereinafter set forth.
Acres of Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat by Wildlife Mitigation Plan.
CDP/WMP Holder Total Lease Area (Acres) GRSG Production Areas (Acres) GRSG Lek Areas (Acres) Number of Leks (Not all are entirely within WMP boundary) A 44,687 17,725 1,590 4 B 17,258 9,963 1,182 3 C 149,946 19,325 5,090 15 D 7,724 577 None 0 Specific BMPs related to GrSG contained in the Wildlife Mitigation Plan (WMP) agreements.
The Phase 3A work in 2016 will be efforts in support of the completion of the Final EIS, technical analyses required for the Final EIS, mitigation development, preparation of the State of Colorado 401 Certification documents, and development of the State of Colorado Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Plan.